You see a giant sword (Atk:46, Def:22).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
Classification: 2 Tier: 0.
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 55 or higher.
It weighs 180.00 oz.
This sword has been forged by ancient giants.


Two-handed weapon and the heaviest weapon in the game, along with the Demonbone and Twiceslicer. It is a popular item, many medium level knights have one. It was more valuable before the mass introduction of new weapons in the Update 8.0. At the time, the next (and only) regular upgrade a sword-user could expect to attain was the rare Sword of Valor.

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Can be traded for a Huge Chunk of Crude Iron with A Sweaty Cyclops ( Uth'Prta ).
Can be obtained through the Banshee Quest.
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Before the Summer Update 2007, Giant Swords used to look like this: Giant Sword (Old).gif It was easy to scam people in those days by offering a Two Handed Sword instead of a Giant Sword.

Its attack and defense values were changed from 50 and 20 to 46 and 22, respectively, with Update 7.0.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

Alesar1Mal'ouquah17,000 Gold
H.L.Outlaw Camp100 Gold