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Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 125.214, 126.56, 11
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Ship Captain
Other Properties
Version 8.7
December 8, 2010
Status Event
Ghost Captain
You see Ghost Captain.
  • One day I will be free!


Ghostship during A Pirate's Death to Me, deep below the Thais lighthouse.


Appears during A Pirate's Death to Me. Looks like a Pirate Ghost.


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Player: hi
Ghost Captain: Greetings Player! Are you ready to help me?
Player: help
Ghost Captain: Read the manuals that should be lying around here. Some of my former helpers wrote all that stuff down to assist those who might come after them. ...
Ghost Captain: It is IMPORTANT that you understand the procedure. As soon as we embark on our journey, we will have only a few moments to get to the battle stations until the trouble begins. ...
Ghost Captain: It's not easy to sail through the netherworld, so don't make it harder by missing vital facts.
Player: procedure
Ghost Captain: You have to man all stations. Each station must be attended by one person. Read the manual over there, it will help you significantly. ...
Ghost Captain: You'll have to act swiftly and correctly, else we'll lose our chance to chart the waters of the nether. If you fail on your duties on the ship, we have lost this opportunity, too.
Player: opportunity
Ghost Captain: If we fail, I will have to gather new strength and we have to try it anew after a while.
Player: job
Ghost Captain: What do you think? I'm dead and forgotten. I'm just a shadow of the man I used to be. I'm a ghost now.
Player: ghost
Ghost Captain: Just like me, my ship is not from this world anymore. We belong to another world now and it's hard to pass into the world of the living. ...
Ghost Captain: I can twist myself through the barrier sometimes but to get my ship through it requires more power than I've got available. For this reason we needed the power of the spectral scum you caught earlier. ...
Ghost Captain: This way we do not only put those lost souls to rest, but also gather the energy that is needed to get the ship through the barrier of worlds. With my ship here, we might be able to reach the Mourning Isles.
Player: ship
Ghost Captain: Over the centuries, my ship has become more of an entity than an ordinary ghost ship. ...
Ghost Captain: It's been my only ally throughout the ages, well almost. We've been through a lot of tough things and I want you to treat my ship with respect. ...
Ghost Captain: The most living parts of the ship, save for the hull itself, are the soul core and the spirit flame. ...
Ghost Captain: You can reach the ship by using the mechanism in the south. Four of you have to stand on the plates when one of you pulls the lever. All of you have to be aligned to the same spirit mark though.
Player: name
Ghost Captain: I've lost my name along with the chance to pass into the afterlife. One day I may have a name again, but only to be mourned since I will finally rest in peace then.
Player: hull
Ghost Captain: The hull is made by spectral wood and can easily stand the spirit storms of the netherworld. Still, it is a great danger that the wood is satiated so much with spirit energy that is becomes a feast for those damn ghost rats. ...
Ghost Captain: Gladly we still have some good old ghost dusters in the ship, they'll teach them a lesson. Still, these rats can do considerable damage to the hull if no one takes care of them.
Player: soul core
Ghost Captain: It's hard to describe what it is exactly. I'd call it the ship's heart and soul. ...
Ghost Captain: You can literally see the ship's health and well-being by inspecting the core. If the core is damaged, it is a really baaaad thing, you know!? ...
Ghost Captain: The good thing is that soul sparks, which are quite common in these parts of the netherworld, emit a strengthening aura that can fix any damage of the core. ...
Ghost Captain: They have to be led to the core though since they are only attracted by living creatures.
Player: spirit flame
Ghost Captain: The flame is what keeps the ship moving. Elements are not common here in the netherworld and are a powerful source of energy. ...
Ghost Captain: The spirit flame charges itself on energy of certain elements. These elements have to be distributed to the corresponding shrines. ...
Ghost Captain: When a shrine obtains the correct energy charge, it fuels the spiritual force of the ship and reinvigorates the spirit flame in return. ...
Ghost Captain: If this delicate balance were ever to break, we would lose our energy source and couldn't continue our travel through the netherworld or even strand here.

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