You see Ghorza
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  • Great Hunger is upset.
  • Spirits are restless.
  • All water drying up and Vuzrog does nothing!




Ghorza is the shaman of the Bloody Skulls tribe and therefore right hand to Vuzrog. She is the most spiritual of all Ogres and is very concerned about what their gods The Great Hunger and The Dreadful Thirst are doing.

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Part of the Krailos Quest.
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Player: hi
Ghorza: Hello, scraggy human.
Player: name
Ghorza: Me Ghorza.
Player: time
Ghorza: Ghorza not understanding question. If sun is in sky, time is day. If sky is dark, time is night.
Player: job
Ghorza: Ghorza tribe's {shaman}.
Player: shaman
Ghorza: Shaman important for tribe. {Chieftain} says when fighting, where fighting and against who fighting. But shaman caring for spirits. Spirits of steppe and grassland, but also spirits of fathers and mothers. ...
Ghorza: Shaman also making sure that {Great Hunger} not getting angry.
Player: chieftain
Ghorza: Vuzrog {Bloody Skulls} chieftain. Is big boss. Always strongest ogre is chieftain of tribe. Chieftain always mighty and brave. But if chieftain getting old, younger ogre coming, claiming chieftain tent.
Player: Bloody Skulls
Ghorza: Bloody Skulls are ogres living here. Biggest clan of {Krailos}. Other strong tribe is {Thunder Tusk} Clan. There other tribes, too. Having no villages but being nomadic. Take care, little human, they all {maneaters}.
Player: Krailos
Ghorza: Is name of steppe and grassland you standing in. Where suns standing most high there great mountains. We not knowing what behind. In the middle much grassland, behind that just dry soil. And behind that very, very much salty water. ...
Ghorza: Sometimes humans or elves coming from water. Sitting in odd wooden boxes that always breaking at stony shores. We not knowing where they from and why they using odd wooden boxes. Men calling them ships. Sometimes good food in wreckage.
Player: Thunder Tusks
Ghorza: Thunder Tusk Clan is hostile tribe. Often battles against Thunder Tusks. They jealous. Stealing {Bloody Skulls} food and young ogresses. But most of all stealing {water}.
Player: maneaters
Ghorza: Mhmm. Ogres eating humans, elves, dworcs and goblins. Also cow-men, if getting one. Dwarves being bit chewy and rat-men are stopgap. Not very tasty. Other tribes often eating men. But {Bloody Skulls} now allowing them coming here. ...
Ghorza: There human merchant living here. His name Larek. Knows where to get sweets like cookies or candy. If we eat him up, no more sweets. See? Sometimes benefit not to eat visitors. Perhaps you benefit, too. If not, hmmm, we'll eat you.
Player: water
Ghorza: Water great problem in {Krailos}. Not enough water, not anymore. Seas and rivers drying up, become salty holes. So new powerful spirit arose. Younger than {Great Hunger} but even more dangerous. We calling {Dreadful Thirst}. ...
Ghorza: We feeding Great Hunger with meat. Always enough meat in Krailos. Dreadful Thirst wants water, but drying up all water sources. So not enough water to calm Dreadful Thirst. Not even enough for ogres to drink. ...
Ghorza: Spirits of fathers and mothers telling Ghorza that in past more water been here. Krailos been more green and lush. Now water fading. Only bigger waterhole left is here in village. Many battles against other ogres because of water. ...
Ghorza: Ogres needing more water. You helping?
Player: Great Hunger
Ghorza: Great Hunger most mighty of all spirits. Will eat up entire world if ogres not feeding it all time. So ogres give Great Hunger tasty snacks: meat, beer, humans, elves ... Great Hunger devouring everything. ...
Ghorza: If Great Hunger not sated it getting stomach growling. If that happening earth is quaking and trembling. Very dangerous! If ogres die, Great Hunger eating them up. In Great Hunger's stomach ogres waiting to be {born again}.
Player: Dreadful Thirst
Ghorza: Is new powerful spirit. Younger than {Great Hunger} but even more dangerous. We feeding Great Hunger with meat. Always enough meat in Krailos. Dreadful Thirst wants {water}, but dries up all water sources. So not enough water to calm Dreadful Thirst.
Player: born again
Ghorza: If ogress eating from Great Hunger's {cauldron}, ogress can take in little ogreling. So tribe always getting new ogres from Great Hunger's cauldron.
Player: cauldron
Ghorza: Cauldron is one of dried salt seas. At some times in year ogres putting in much, much food: meat, oil, roots, beer - making thick, tasty soup. Then ogres throwing in sacrifices: humans, goblins, elves ... whoever ogres get. ...
Ghorza: So Great Hunger is nourished. Then each younger ogress eats from cauldron. Sometimes then she taking in new ogreling waiting in cauldron.
Player: trade
Ghorza: No, Ghorza no trading with humans.
Player: Vuzrog
Ghorza: Vuzrog is {Bloody Skull} tribe {chieftain}. Is strong ogre, but getting old. Ghorza thinking, soon younger ogre will challenge Vuzrog. They will fight. If Vuzrog losing fight, Bloody Skulls having new big boss.
Player: Nibble
Ghorza: He little goblin. Cooking for {chieftain} and cleaning his tent. Useless.
Player: Larek
Ghorza: He tasty little human. Came here some time ago. Wanted to stay, but {Vuzrog} said no. But Larek brought sweets like cookies and candy. Ogres loving sweets but not know how to make. Ghorza this told {chieftain}, so Vuzrog said yes. ...
Ghorza: Ghorza loves sweets, too, but also has other reason for deal with Vuzrog and Larek. Human knows useful things. Perhaps could be useful one day.
Player: Mugruu
Ghorza: Mugruu is ogre here in village. Friend of {chieftain}. Recently he buying things like human trader {Larek}.
Player: Grubokk
Ghorza: Ah, pesky bumble! He overseeing goblins working in mines far away in high mountains. Better that way, so he not causing trouble here in village.
Player: goblins
Ghorza: Little greenlings. Weak but sometimes useful. Ogres let them getting black stones from mountains. Small tunnels there, ogres not getting in. But small goblins can. And sometimes ogres eating them.
Player: bye
Ghorza: Take care of evil spirits.