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Notes about gharonk language

... On the third day in this city, an adventurer came back from his travellings. He looked like he hadn't had something to drink for days; his cloth were dusty and full of sand. I can only guess, what happened to him or which places he visited during the last days.
As soon as I saw him (I was the first to find him - what a luck, what a honor! Without my help, I think he would have died of thirst!) I tried to communicate with him, but he always just repeated the words:
"Orzog! Nag Orzog! Atul! Atul! Nag mob mula! Atul!"
I didn't know, what he meant, but it wasn't of importance at this moment.
After giving him something to drink, he recovered quickly. Maybe I try to talk to him again tomorrow...

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