Gharonk is a tibian language. So far, the only evidences about this language have been found at the Desert Dungeon Library.

Gharonk words

The few words known so far were mentioned on the Desert Dungeon Library, and the meaning of some are still unknown. The dad of Nemal is known to have learned this language.

Note: some word meanings were found out using logical deduction, and therefore might not be completely correct. If you want to discuss these words meanings, goto to the talk page.

  • Nag: I/my/mine/me
  • Narat: kill (maybe)
  • Umog: one/once/one time/first (additional numbers are defined by adding a tu- to the word. E.g.: 3 is tutumog)
  • Mog: zero
  • Yargoth: lion (maybe)
  • Narz: red
  • Buzgob: green
  • Orolu: gold
  • Shura: blue
  • Urbum: yellow
  • Yagla: yes
  • Glub: no/not/none
  • Mogurz: place or maybe throne
  • Orzog: Thirsty, dying or something like that (maybe)
  • Atul: Fast, quickly or help (maybe)
  • Mob: need (?)
  • Mula: Water/Drink (?)
  • Gar: probably something like "stranger" or "outsider" ?

Books related to Gharonk

NameBook TypeShort Description
Gharonk Journal Day 1 (Book)Book (Blue)Encounterred a new city.
Gharonk Journal Day 2 (Book)Book (Brown)Second day in the Gharonk city
Gharonk Journal Day 3 (Book)Book (Brown Square)Day three in the Gharonk city.
Gharonk Journal Day 4 (Book)Book (Blue)Fourth day in Gharonk city.
Gharonk Journal Day 5 (Book)Book (Blue)Day 5 in the Gharonk city.
Gharonk Journal Day 6 (Book)Book (Brown Thin)Sixth day in Gharonk city
Gharonk Journal Day 7 (Book)Book (Grey)Last day of the first week in Gharonk city

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