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Geography of Krailos, by Larek the Wayfarer

Krailos is mainly populated by ogres. It is located north of Oramond, bordered by high mountains to the south, a wild sea to the east, huge cacti forests to the west and rocky hills to the north. At the rugged shores of Krailos one may find many shipwrecks, as the area is surrounded by treacherous underwater shelves.

Krailos itself is mainly covered in sandy plains and has a rather hot climate, which has led to a sparsely spread population. This means most of the ogres live in small tent villages. There is just one bigger settlement, which is home to the Bloody Skulls tribe. Also, some ogre tribes still have nomadic tendencies. The country's landscape is harsh: rocky beaches, dried-up salt lakes, rugged rock formations and dry, barren fields number among the reasons why the area is avoided by foreigners. Another reason of course are the ogres themselves.

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