The Tibian world is huge, and therefore many locations and hunting places can be found if you look for them, in addition to tons of streets and buildings.


Ab'Dendriel Eroth, Faluae and Elathriel 24
Adventurers' Guild Rotem Valos 7
Ankrahmun Arkhothep 34
Arctic Faun's Island Queen Eloise ?
Beregar Emperor Rehal 15
Cake Keep Isle Kullu 1
Calcanea 0
Carlin Queen Eloise 36
Colossus Fortress Emperor Kruzak 0
Cormaya Daniel Steelsoul (ordered by King Tibianus) 5
Darashia Kazzan 35
Dawnport Rotem Valos 12
Dream Realm The Bone Master
The Dream Master
Edron Daniel Steelsoul (ordered by King Tibianus) 67
Eremo's Island Eremo 1
Falcon Outpost
Farmine Ongulf 10
Femor Hills Tower 1
Feyrist Maelyrra 7
Fibula Dermot (ordered by King Tibianus) 4
Gnomebase Alpha Gnomeral 7
Gnomegate Gnomeral 24
Gray Beach Old Rock Boy 7
Gray Island Scrutinon 1
Greenshore King Tibianus 3
Grimlund Sinatuki 1
Hrodmir Sven (Svargrond), Freezhild (Krimhorn) 24
Ice Islands North: Jarl ?
Island of Destiny King Tibianus 15
Isle of Evil Evil Mastermind 1
Isle of Solitude Penny 1
Kazordoon Emperor Kruzak 80
Kazordoon Fortress Emperor Kruzak 0
Kharos Ferumbras 0
Krailos Vuzrog 5
Kraknaknork's Dimension Kraknaknork 2
Lake Equivocolao Yawno 1
Liberty Bay Percy Silverhand (ordered by King Tibianus) 36
Meluna King Tibianus 5
Northport 5
Nostalgia Gods 1 (2012)
3 (2017)
Oramond Citizens of Rathleton 64
Paradox Tower Riddler 1
Port Hope King Tibianus III (from Thais) 24
Quirefang Old Rock Boy 6
Rathleton Citizens 65
Realm of Dreams Chayenne 1
Repenter Camp Ashari 8
Rookgaard King Tibianus 24
Roshamuul Sandomo 12
Sabrehaven Raymond Striker 8
Schrödinger's Island 7
Senja 3
Spirit Grounds Unknown Varies
Stonehome Daniel Steelsoul (ordered by King Tibianus) 8
Svargrond Sven 22
Temple of Light Lucius 1
Thais King Tibianus 114
The Spike Gnommander Unknown.
Travora King Tibianus 2
Treasure Hunt Island 4
Tutorial Island King Tibianus 3
Vega Santa 2
Venore The Trade Cartel, headed by Hugo, Leeland, Abran Ironeye, Talesia, Vladruc and Allen. 53
Vigintia Gods 3
Yalahar Azerus Vilus 68
Zao Awareness of the Emperor 55
Zao Mountain Lazaran 6
Zao Rebel Camp Chartan 6

Hunting Places

Hunting Places are spread out over the entire Tibian world and for all different level ranges, so whether you are level 20 or level 200, you will always find one which suits your character best.

See also: Hunting Places and Mainland Hunting Chart


A street is a series of houses placed on a row. There are usually Street Signs showing the name of the street. You may also find Mailboxes, Street Lamps and Dustbins along the streets. All cities have streets, although the pyramids of Ankrahmun are with some exceptions individual, and each is counted as an own street.

See also: Streets


There are many types of buildings in Tibia, like Depots, Shops, Banks, Houses and Guildhalls. If you have a Premium Account, you can buy a House or even a Guildhall, if you are the leader of a guild. Houses and Guildhalls are player-ownable buildings, other buildings are not player-ownable.

See also: Buildings

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