The sex or gender of a character (male or female) is chosen when he or she is created.

Gender roles in Tibia

As far as we know, Tibia has no programmed adjustments for any skill areas based on sex. The following observations are worth noting, however:

  • Male and Female characters are treated differently by some NPCs. Most cases just to address correct gender-specific honorifics. Some NPCs seem to act in a much more gentle way towards the opposite sex, one notable exception being H.L. who is rather rude with women and says he doesn't normally trade with them (Which leads some to incorrectly assume he doesn't accept trades with female characters). The reason for this is unknown. Some players speculate that H.L. is, in fact, gay.
  • Female characters are less likely to be targeted for player killing.
  • Many (perhaps most) female characters are male in real-life, whereas very few male characters are played by real-life females.

Changing sex

A player can change the sex of a character, but this costs EUR 2,95 per character. In the past it was posible to change your sex, by sacrificing 5 premium days. Now a credit card is needed.

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