You see Gaz'haragoth.
  • You puny humans will be my snacks!
  • I've beaten tougher demons than you even know!
  • How dare you come to this place!


Gaz'haragoth is a Demon Prince who was once in charge of overseeing Roshamuul, until the explosion of the Dream Catcher mutated him into his current form.

After a world breaks Roshamuul's wall, Gaz'haragoth is found on top of the mountain at the center of the island, and will remain there until it's defeated. Upon defeat, Gaz'haragoth is cast to the Roshamuul Prison lowest levels, where it will be imprisoned in a secure room. Even so, eventually he gathers considerable strength and can be fought again by brave warriors.

Before he appears, the following message is broadcast in white text to all players of the world he spawns in:
Gaz'haragoth will shatter your dreams in a barrage of nightmares!



Melee (0-4035+?), Ice UE (1000, it says "Chill out!" every time it casts this spell), Self Healing (2500-3500, every turn), Self Healing (300000, when 43750hp - 12.5% of total), Fire Beam (1600-3400+), Smoke Wave (100-1000+), Death Ball (100-1000+), Great Death Ball(on itself) (100-800?), Death and Doom (Energy UE 0-30000), Paralyzing Stun Bomb (on itself) Haste.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Spawns every day at Server Save on top of the central mountain in Upper Roshamuul (+2 floor, here), until killed for the first time. Once this happens, spawns rarely as a raid in the Roshamuul Prison (-5 floor, here).


Gaz'haragoth fights his opponents in close combat.

Gaz'haragoth has many announced abilities:

  • Gaz'haragoth begins to channel DEATH AND DOOM into the area! RUN! - Announced rarely. Five seconds after being announced, Gaz'haragoth will cast his ultimate attack. This attack is insanely strong and will kill almost anyone (it always deals 30,000 Energy Damage). When he casts it, there will be another announcement: Gaz'haragoth calls down: DEATH AND DOOM!
  • Chill out! - Announced very often. When announced, Gaz'haragoth casts his Ice UE which deals 1000 damage.
  • Minions! Follow my call! - Announced every time he is hit if he is not at his summon capacity. When he announces this, Gaz'haragoth will attempt to summon up to 2 Minions of Gaz'haragoth. It will fail if Gaz'haragoth has no room to summon.
  • Gaz'haragoth beginns to draw on the nightmares to HEAL himself! - In about 8 seconds Gaz'haragoth will heal himself for 300,000. When he does, another message is announced: Gaz'haragoth HEALS himself!


Gaz'haragoth has a large death UE which is announced 5 seconds prior to its execution. He also spawns many minions of Gaz'haragoth which act independently of the boss. Care must be taken when walking in Gaz'haragoth's lair as the minions turn into Strange Vortices which lead to Gaz'haragoth's Nightmare.

The strategy to defeat Gaz'haragoth is very similar whether he's on top of the mountain of locked in the prison, with the obvious difference that when it's fought for the first time the players will certainly be much lower levels.

Lure Gaz'haragoth to a corner, preferably near one of the ramps to give the shooters a quick means to escape. When Gaz'haragoth is lured, trap him with Magic Walls and Wild Growth but allow room for Gaz'haragoth to summon 1 or more minions of Gaz'haragoth. When the boss is trapped, kill the minion so that the luring knight can escape (on Open PvP servers, you can also simply walk through someone else's wall). When the knight is out, try to trap Gaz'haragoth so he can't move at all. When he is trapped, focus all of your firepower on the boss. The trick is that when he drops to about 12.5% of his health, he will use the nightmares to heal himself. At this point, you have 8 seconds to deal approximately 44,000 damage. If you fail, he will heal for 300,000.

High level Knights (700+) can also attempt to block Gaz'haragoth as long as they have healers and are prepared to flee from Death and Doom. To attempt that, the recommended strategy is to block it near the ramp so shooters can easily go up and down, as well make sure there's a vortex to the Nightmare nearby to escape. It's very important to mind its heavy paralyze when trying to run away, or you may not do so in time.

To lure Gaz'haragoth, level 400+ druids and sorcerers can use Energy Damage protection. A level 600+ mage can do this without the need of a Shockwave Amulet (which only has 5 charges and has to be equped on the exact time to be effective) and still survive the Doom. You can check the best available Energy protection equipment in TibiaWiki's Armor Calculator.

There may be another way to kill this boss because servers with low population will struggle to defeat him before he heals. In particular, one of the announcements seem to hint that the nightmares can be killed to prevent his heal.

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