You see a gate of expertise.
Only the worthy may pass.


Certain quest areas or hunting areas.


Can only be opened if you meet the required level. The level required for passing gates of expertise in Tibia differ from level 8 to 999. Generally, the more difficult the area or valuable the treasures behind the Gate of Expertise are the higher the level that is required. If you do not meet the requirements to pass through the gate, you will see the green message "Only the worthy may pass." If you look at the door, it will tell you what the requirements are.

Both this door and the Closed Door (Sealed) serve as location limiters and prevent lower leveled characters completing high-level quests. Whereas sealed closed doors can prevent access based on quest flags and vocation, gates of expertise only check the character's level. Other items like Magic Forcefields (at Banuta and Demon Forge) and Energy Sparks (at Goroma) have been noted to have entry requirements as well.

You can stop within a Gate of Expertise and fight any monster that is behind it. It is impossible to lure or push a creature through a Gate of Expertise. This makes them useful for escaping creatures you cannot defeat. You may still inflict and receive damage through the gate, so it's not recommended to go afk at for example the entrance to the Water Elemental Cave since you may get killed.

Level 999 door

The Banuta Gate of Expertise for level 999 was tested during the 2009 Summer Test Server, and Mastro Daro, the player who walked in to the teleport proved that the teleport was only a sprite, nothing happened if you walked into it. He reached level 999 due to a bug which allowed players to gain absurd amounts of levels on the test server. Therefore it is not possible that Cipsoft deactivated the teleporter on the test server, as they had no idea that this bug existed. Although the teleport lead nowhere at that time in 2009, a functionality was implemented in 2016 as several players became close to level 999. It now leads to Schrödinger's Island.

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