Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 126.86, 125.247, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Artisan
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Galuna.
NPC Bubble D
  • Bows, crossbows and ammunition on special sale today.


Thais, second floor south of Thais depot at Harbour Street and Upper Swamp Lane.


This NPC will be useful to you if you are a Paladin.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Spear Weapons Weapons3


Item   Value
Arrow Weapons Weapons3
Bolt Weapons Weapons4
Bow Weapons Weapons400
Crossbow Weapons Weapons500
Spear Weapons Weapons9


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 (note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft) 

Player: hi
Galuna: Oh, please come in, Player. What do you need?
Player: weapon or offers
Galuna: My offers are bows, crossbows and ammunition. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: job or fletcher
Galuna: I am the local fletcher. I am selling bows, crossbows, and ammunition. Do you need anything?
Player: bows
Galuna: I don't buy used bows. If you want to buy one, just ask me for a trade.
Player: crossbows
Galuna: I don't buy used crossbows. If you want to buy one, just ask me for a trade.
Player: ammunition
Galuna: I sell arrows for bows and bolts for crossbows. Ask me for a trade if you're interested
Player: name
Galuna: I am Galuna, paladin and fletcher.
Player: Tibia or forest
Galuna: Tibia, a green island. Here it is wunderful to walk into the forests and to hunt with a bow.
Player: time
Galuna: Don't bother me. Go and buy a watch.
Player: paladins
Galuna: We are feared warriors and good marksmen. Ask Elane if want to know more about the guild.
Player: elf
Galuna: It is rumored that they live in the northeast of Tibia. They are the best in archery.
Player: Thais
Galuna: We have visitors of all kind in Thais, only elves show up seldom.
Player: Eclesius
Galuna: I heard about him.
Player: Elane
Galuna: She is the leader of all paladins.
Player: Gorn
Galuna: I supplied him with my goods in the past, now I sell them myself.
Player: bye
Galuna: Good bye.

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