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Furora was merged along with Obsidia and Selena into a new world Bellona on November 10, 2014.

Piece of general information

  • Furora is probably derived from the Latin word Furor which means madness, insanity.

Rare Items and Outfits

Owner Owned curiosity
Aiizee Guardian Boots Spellscroll of Prophecies Bloody Edge
Ally Harit Yellow Rose Ball Gown Holy Falcon Fur Cap Great Axe Twin Axe Shield of Honour Phoenix Shield Ancient Tiara (2x) Crystal Mace (2x) Djinn Blade (2x) Demonbone Cornucopia
Andarist Dread Doll - Nightmare Doll - Tibiora's Box - Lucky Clover Amulet - Golden Warrior Trophy - Great Axe - Amazon Helmet - Chain Bolter -Golden Rune Emblem (Soulfire) - Demonbone - The Stomper - Holy Falcon - Crystal Mace - Djinn Blade - Lavos Armor - Voltage Armor - Dracola's Eye - Piece of Massacre's Shell - Handmaiden's Protector - Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear
Beartin Djinn Blade - Spellscroll of Prophecies
Boozar Holy Falcon - Lavos Armor - Voltage Armor - Guardian Boots
Ciix Great Shield
Diabllord Rainbow Shield - Crystal Mace
Dili Eoo Mr. Punish's Handcuffs - Piece of Massacre's Shell
Katrila Dracola's Eye - Mr. Punish's Handcuffs
Mad Pirat Guardian Boots
Rattazzi Djinn Blade
Ratillt Thunder Hammer
Rester Tempest Shield - Lavos Armor - Bloody Edge
Syf zor Djinn Blade
Thell Holy Falcon - Twin Axe - Crystal Mace - Bloody Edge
Thor Razar Amazon Helmet
Tomo Crusade Demon Legs - Rainbow Shield - Frozen Plate - Ravager's Axe - Pharaoh Sword - Djinn Blade - Crystal Mace - Demonbone - Handmaiden's Protector
Vuaevo Bruth Orshabaal's Brain
Zwidek Dragon Scale Boots - Chain Bolter - Phoenix Shield - Handmaiden's Protector - Piece of Massacre's Shell
Outfit Mage Male Addon 3 Opi Fex, Diabllord and Plurionix own full mage outfit.


  • Server has been embattled in wars for over a year now and has since developed many team changes from the original war of Duskiness vs Vision including team changes involving Inshon and also We rule again. After few months of peace Xespoz found a new guild Death Rose and the new war began.
  • There is currently a small war between Pauer Rendzers versus Duskiness , Vision and allies which started August 2, 2010. Reason for this war is because Azor Danor said he hated the PA in Furora and I quote 'We want kill some botters from this server and have fun'. Which actually is strange because it is believed by many that he used unofficial software himself.

Additional information

  • First level 400 on Furora was Spaaw.
  • First paladin with 400 Level in whole tibia was Gremar.
  • First 100 magic level on Furora reached Zwidek.
  • First 100 Level on Furora's Rookgaard reached Vanessa of Furora. She reached first free account Level 100 on Rookgaard in whole Tibia (first premium account level 100 on Rookgard was Sunrise)
  • Taifun Devilry could've been the first level 300 in Tibia, but due to the first war in Furora, the character stayed at around 275, and he got passed by in level by a lot of people.
  • He also got a namelock when he reached level 280, when he had played for 18 months already. Taifun didn't logged in the game and posted on the forum 'If you do not want to lose another devoted tutor, make hurry' at which customer support withdrew the namelock. Back in the old days, Taifun Devilry was a feared sorcerer. He used to hit a lot with SD's and could easily kill level 100+ people with a UE combo.
  • Spaaw has moved to Morgana at level 434. Reason for this was too much PA from Spaaw. Katrila gave him chance 4 times, to make better but he didn't change at all and Katrila finally kick off him from server.
  • Taifun Devilry has moved to Pandoria.
  • Gremar has moved to Morgana at 401 level.
  • The axe named Impaler was first looted on Furora.
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