You see Frosty
  • We are halfway out of the dark.
  • Annoying perchts ... stinky, lousy, noisy creatures!
  • Perchts! An ill-mannered bunch of brutes.


East on Percht Island.


Looks like a snowman.

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Part of the Winterlight Solstice event/quest. He promises you a sled mount (Bright Percht Sleigh, a Cold Percht Sleigh or a Dark Percht Sleigh and its variants) in exchange for a Percht Skull.
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Player: hi
Frosty: No, you can't have my nose! If you're in need of a carrot, go to the market or just dig up one!
Player: skull
Frosty: So, you got one? Well, give it to me then! Come on! Don't you want your reward...? Just tell me which type of sleigh you want: dark, bright or cold. ...
Frosty: Or do you want to add a variation to one you already have or add a finish to an existing variant?
Player: variant
Frosty: Do you want a variation for the dark, bright or cold sleigh?
Player: dark or bright or cold
Frosty: There you go, enjoy.
Player: bye
Frosty: Goodbye!

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