The Frostheart Spire was part of the large glacier in the center of the Northern Ice Island of Hrodmir. The glacier was once home to a race of ancients who lived within it and perform many wondrous, yet mysterious works. War brought an end to their living there, and now all that is left are creatures who have since moved in, living on the glacier and is some of the caverns closer to the ground. Still deep beneath the surface lies unknown, unspeakable creatures who wander about the tunnels or lie frozen in the ice. They may be dead, or they are still alive waiting to be freed.

Early in Tibia's history the ancients, a race of beings who have since passed away, lived in and throughout Tibia. They existed to fight off the evil creatures of Zathroth. They established bases throughout Tibia, and one such base was in the ice islands. Here they had used their powers to suspend the coldness of the north into the spire of the glacier. They lived comfortably in the land until they were discovered by Zathroth's hordes. An army of demons assaulted the glacier fortress of the ancients. The ancient went below ground to defend themselves. The battle took the lives of many of the hordes demons as well as those of the ancients. It is not know exactly why, but the warring of the magical forces below the earth caused the Frostheart Spire, imbued with magical power, to shatter. Many of the ancients fled, while those still below ground, as well as the demons were trapped below. They are now eternally frozen in the ice, but not all did perish. Rumours abound that a great Archdemon, one of the Triangle of Terror, is still frozen at the core of the glacier. While he is still frozen, the world is safe, but if such a power were unleashed, there would be no end of terror in the world.

Shards of the Frostheart Spire were scattered far and wide across the ice islands. It is believed that magical energy still flows in them. These can be powerful weapons for whoever has control of them, and it is certain that people of magic would want to use them for their purposes.

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