You see a frost dragon.
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The constant consumption of strange magical particles which were strongly connected to the element of ice changed this type of dragons into a new breed over time. Even though they are still young compared with other dragons, they carry a strong dragon heritage and the consumed particles fuelled their strength even more.
Their arrogance does not allow them to be something less than other dragons and so their temper is even worse than that of their dragon cousins. The feeling to have to prove themselves all the time makes them reckless and aggressive and with that even more dangerous.
Frost Dragons usually get along well with other dragons for a while. However, mixed communities often suffer from prejudices and lethal infights between the species. Though the mostly younger Frost Dragons often lack the refined magic abilities of their cousins, they are usually more powerful when it comes to physical abilities. Their newly gained control over the element ice easily makes up for their missing command of fire. They still possess a quite impressive resistance against fire from their dragonic heritage. Unlike other dragons, the Frost Dragons do not live alone or in small families. Instead they tend to form flocks of frightening sizes. Flocks of Frost Dragons usually inhabit spacious lairs and claim large territories as their hunting ground which they fiercely protect against other predators.

They are a stronger mutation of Dragon Lords thanks to their ability to Paralyze. They also behave like Hydras but their Loot and attacks are similar to Dragon lords.


Physical Damage Melee (0-220)
⁠, ⁠,
Life Drain Smoke Wave (0-380)
Paralyze Ice Wave (very strong Paralyze)
Paralyze Avalanche (0-240) or (strong Paralyze)
Ice Damage Ice Berserk (0-120)
⁠, ⁠,
Healing Self-Healing (200~)
⁠, .

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


Frost Dragons run away when they have less than 250 Hitpoints.

A frost dragon attacks in melee range.


Stand diagonal to them as you would with a Dragon Lord. If not careful, their lethal combos can bring down even decent High Level players. Sometimes it is very hard to outrun them in pack due to their Paralyze ability. They have the ability to kill a Level 100 Mage in one combo.
Mages should use Magic Shield and attack with Energy-based Attacks. It is also recommended to use Glacier Set as protection for the avalanche attack, and a Garlic Necklace to protect against its wave attack.
Knights should avoid the waves and heal all the time to remove Paralyze and be able to move fast. When the Frost Dragon runs away, use Exori Hur to kill it faster and to avoid luring more. From level 150 and above a knight can hunt these profitable depending on loot, but on lvl ~90 you can already kill one as a knight.
Paladins must run but use walls to trap it, because you can lure other Frost Dragons and Frost Dragon Hatchlings. All vocations should run diagonal as their Paralyzing Ice Wave is very dangerous and can easily lead to your death.


(Loot Statistics)