You see a frazzlemaw.
  • Mwaaahgod! Overmwaaaaah! *gurgle*
  • Mwaaaahnducate youuuuuu *gurgle*, mwaaah!
  • Mmmwhamwhamwhah, mwaaah!


Frazzlemaws are fast, fierce and above all - biting creatures. Once scented, it is not easy for a human being to escape them. Basically a ball of teeth, they have neither eyes nor ears, they are simply upon this world to feast. Their arch rivals are the equally fast and ferocious silencers. They usually avoid each other as both have strengths and weaknesses which would outmaneuvre one against the other. They share some kind of strange religion with their larger siblings, the guzzlemaws.

It is essentially a big mouth; it eats anything it finds. They are Guzzlemaws' smaller cousins. Along with the Guzzlemaws they worship a god called the Overmaw.


Melee (0-450+), Explosion Beam (Life Drain: 350-600), Stone Berserk : (0-500+), Stone Explosion, (causes Bleeding), Red Sparkle Ball (around itself, causes mild Paralysis, reducing about 40-80% of your base speed), Self-Healing (250-425+?)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Lower Roshamuul, Guzzlemaw Valley, the entrance to Upper Roshamuul.


Chases its target and fights in close combat. A Frazzlemaw will walk over all fields to reach its target. A frazzlemaw never retreats.


All Vocations: Stay diagonal at all times to avoid the beam because it hits very hard. If you can't, consider wearing a Garlic Necklace or Necklace of the Deep to reduce damage. Avoid fighting more than one at time, and absolutely avoid three or more, because their damage really adds up.
Knights: Lower level knights may want to use Brutal Strike, Berserk, Front Sweep, etc. to kill them faster (although this won't be profitable). Another strategy would be to place an energy wall on the ground and make the Frazzlemaw run back and forth over it to deal extra damage. Higher level knights can simply attack and heal, although they can still throw in some spells to speed up the killing.
Paladins: Avoid running too much because you will likely get swarmed. Assassin Stars are better than a bow or crossbow here because of their high melee. These monsters can be very profitable for paladins.
Druids and Sorcerers: Avoid soloing these monsters. They hit high and are hard to run from, as well as being resistant to most magic. They are also found in the presence of Silencers, which will lower Magic Level and do strong Mana Drain attacks. Using a blocker to hunt these is the best idea.


Its experience was increased from 3400 to 3740 on the fifth batch of changes of Update 12.31.


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