What is Framerate?

Tibia displays on your computer almost like a movie works; a number of still pictures (frames) flash by so quickly, that your eye sees a moving picture. (You can read about the science of movies here). Your framerate is how many individual frames your GPU will draw in one second (FPS = Frames per second).

Why does my Framerate affect other programs?

The default setting for the framerate in your client is "Maximum". This tells your computer to set aside enough resources, like memory, to handle or process the "maximum" number of frames per second. Since there is no number assigned to "maximum", your computer sets aside most of its free resources for Tibia. This makes your other programs slow down, or not run at all. Lowering your framerate can help free up other resources, so that you can use your browser while playing Tibia, for example.

What to do when your framerate lowers over time

A lot of people have trouble with this. When playing for an extended period of time framerates will drop lower; especially if you're teleporting with boats, teleports or going up and down a lot. This happen because all the graphics you see keep loaded in the video memory, over and over and will overload with time. Luckily there is a fix. Shutting Tibia and opening again works, but you can simply go to the video advanced options by clicking on OptionsGraphicsAdvanced. After that, you'll see 3 buttons with different video engines, DirectX5, DirectX9 and OpenGL, in that order. To free the memory, simply change the engine you're using, then change back to the one you were using. This will reset the video memory and your FPS will raise like if you had shut down Tibia client. You can do this everytime you want.

Another way to achieve the same effect is to enable full-screen mode (Alt+ Enter) and then exit full-screen mode again.

How can I change my Framerate?

Stand-Alone Client

Lowering your Framerate is pretty straightforward.

  1. Click on Options


  1. Click on Graphics


  1. Click on Advanced


  1. The Slider Bar at the bottom of the Advanced section will show you what your framerate is currently set at (on the top), and how many frames per second you are actually getting (on the bottom):


  1. Set your slider bar to a number slightly above what you are actually getting; for example, if you're getting 35 FPS, set your slider bar at 50:


  1. Click ok


  1. Click ok


  1. Click ok


To check your FPS while playing, press ALT + F8, and you'll see them in the top-left corner, without having to open the menu.
It may take some fussing with your framerate to get it to a place you are comfortable with. Follow the above steps until you are happy!

Flash Client

  1. Click on Options in the General Controls menu.
  2. Click on the Graphics tab.
  3. Use the slider to adjust your framerate, you can check or uncheck Show Frame Rate, to see the FPS while playing.

Opening tibia with specific graphics mode

If you have trouble running tibia in DirectX5, DirectX9 or OpenGL and it does not open with the graphic mode suited for you when you open Tibia, the solution is simple. Make a shortcut of the client, then right click on it and edit on properties. Then add to the end of the path engine 0 Example:

Running tibia normally - C:\Tibia\Tibia.exe

Running tibia on DirectX5 - C:\Tibia\Tibia.exe engine 0

Running tibia on OpenGL - C:\Tibia\Tibia.exe engine 1

Running tibia on DirectX9 - C:\Tibia\Tibia.exe engine 2

Running tibia on OpenGL (older version) - C:\Tibia\Tibia.exe engine 3

Or you could try this:

  • Running tibia on DirectX5 - "C:\Program Files\Tibia\Tibia.exe" engine 0
  • Running tibia on OpenGL - "C:\Program Files\Tibia\Tibia.exe" engine 1
  • Running tibia on DirectX9 - "C:\Program Files\Tibia\Tibia.exe" engine 2

NOTE: Only do this if you cannot change to a graphics mode you want to use in the advanced options already in the client, or if you want to always start the game running that graphic mode.
Doing this will lock the graphic setting in the desired engine and you won't be able to change graphic mode using Tibia client's options menu.

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