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Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia, loose pages II, adendum

(these pages have been copied in crude writing over pages from another book it seems)

The Grand Master of Verbal Debate IV

A counter spell: SEHWO ASIMO, TOLIDO ESD

(the book goes on to deal with the orders of the other two Etzels)

Kesar Etzel reportedly fell out with Oberon but kept his connection to Scarlet. Kesar led his loyal group of knights under his own banner, the lion, out of Edron to found his own order. They reportedly went to Darashia after the falling out and established a foothold. Many knights of the order were known to go on pilgrimages to the mystical rock formations known as "Lion's Rock". It is rumored that Kesar believed the mythical lions to hold the key to true chivalric virtue. However, there have not been any pilgrims of the Order of the Lion for many years. (...) Scarlet, leading her own group of loyal knights, submerged and is sometimes connected to a presumably large underground operation known as "Order of the Cobra" or "Cobra Crests"/????"Cobra Unit"???? a rag-tag band of hedge knights and men-at-arms. Their motives remain unknown.

Aside from the sudden disappearance of the Order of the Falcon, it is unclear how long these orders (or remnants thereof) have been active or if they are still operating to this day. Facing villainy of the utmost caliber, your riposte: "Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking?"

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