Forgotten knowledge from ancient times can be retrieved to enable Imbuing again.


Halls of Hope and six other areas in Tibia.


Ability to Imbue items and access to the powerful elemental protection, elemental damage, skill boost, mana leech, life leech and critical hit imbuements.

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Required Equipment


Walk to the Halls of Hope north of Thais, here.

When a Game World has been just created, the temple will be unfinished, and it must be finished by giving enough Heavy Old Tomes Heavy Old Tome to Albinius. These tomes are gotten from the Brass-Shod ChestsBrass-Shod Chest which can be found in these locations:

They can also be looted from certain creatures such Cyclops, various kinds of Orcs, Ghouls, Skeletons and Trolls. Hand them to Albinius by saying "temple" and "yes". He will take all the tomes you have in your backpack. After handing enough tomes, Albinius will restore the temple to its former glory and you will be able to use Imbuing ShrinesImbuing Shrine.

  • Note1: if the temple is already rebuilt, all you have to do is give him 5 Tomes by saying "temple"/"yes" to be allowed to use the Imbuing Shrines.
  • Note2: you will only unlock the first two imbuing levels. The third is unlocked after finishing the quest.

When the temple is finished, it will contain six portals leading to six locations with eventually a boss monster to fight. These bosses must be killed to unlock the strongest Imbuing level. Furthermore these bosses drop pieces of an item with which you can tame a Stone Rhino (Mount). A character may only enter each boss room once every 20 hours.

Bane of the Cosmic Force - Energy Portal

Energy Portal

Talk to Albinius about the "energy portal". He will ask for 50 Marsh Stalker Feathers. Give them to him and you will be able to enter the Energy Portal which takes you to the Replica Dungeon, here, initially filled with Iron Servant Replicas.

When you pull the left lever here a message will appear:

5 Diamond entities are consuming too much raw energy for the cosmic chamber to awaken, it will be put to rest again in 10 m.

Similarly when you pull the right lever here a message will appear:

5 Golden entities are consuming too much pure energy for the cosmic chamber to awaken, it will be put to rest again in 10 m.

The Iron Servant Replicas are joined by golden and diamond ones. Killing at least 5 Golden and 5 Diamond Servant Replicas within 10 minutes will cause a lava flow and a water flow to through the system, which if you follow leads to the center of the dungeon, here, where an Energy GateEnergy Gate will appear. Enter it and you will appear here in a room with 5 Stone Tiles and a lever. Stand on the tiles with your team of 1-5 players and pull the lever, to be teleported to the boss room here.



Forgotten Knowledge Quest - Lloyd

In the boss room you will face Lloyd and four immobile cosmic energy prisms: Cosmic Energy Prism A, B, C and D. After you kill Lloyd a message will appear:

The cosmic energies in the chamber refocus on Lloyd!

At this moment you can kill one of the four cosmic energy prisms (from A to D). Then Lloyd will re-appear and you will have to kill him again. You will have to repeat this process until all 4 cosmic energy prisms are slain, then Lloyd can be stopped for good. Please note that there is a time limit (10 minutes) on the boss fight, after which you will be kicked from the room.

A good place to trap Lloyd is northeast of the Cosmic Energy Prism D, a wild growth rune can help to prevent him re-targeting. Another thing to note is, that it seems like he is using an attack that hits everyone who is close to someone else (animated with elictricity), if you stay away from each other, you might be able to avoid this hit.

If you want to kill Lloyd a second time you can do so 20 hours after you last killed him. To do that, you will have to kill 5 Golden Servant Replicas and 5 Diamond Servant Replicas again to be able to enter the Energy Gate, even if it's already opened. From now on the slain Servants won't be counted in your quest log anymore.

The Energy Gate itself will only appear if at least one person killed the Servants within the last 10 minutes after pulling the levers. You can kill the servants at any time in order to enter the Energy Gate. For example you can kill them on a Wednesday and enter the portal on a Saturday as long as you didn't kill Lloyd in between those days, and that somebody else has activated the Energy Gate.

After killing the boss, use the shrine in the west of the boss room to get the following Imbuements: Powerful Cloud Fabric (energy protection), Powerful Electrify (energy damage) and Powerful Swiftness (speed boost).

Circle of the Black Sphinx - Death Portal

Death Portal

Talk to Albinius about the "death portal". He will ask for 50 Pelvis Bones. Give them to him and enter the portal. When you enter the Death Portal you will find yourself in the Old Masonry located here, filled with Necromancers, Renegade Knights and Vicious Squires on the upper floors, and Astral Shapers on the lower floors.

Walk south-east and go down here. In a parchment called Parchment The Ghostsilver Lantern (Book) you will read the story about Zegrath and his Ghostsilver Lantern. Walk north-east here and go down. Walk east and go up here. Use the spider web (actually the floor before it) in the north-west corner of the room and you will receive a Ghostsilver Lantern Ghostsilver Lantern. Walk north-east and enter a room through a Door (Iron Bars), a message will appear:

As you enter the room you hear a moaning sound. It seemingly comes from an old desk nearby.

In the middle of the room you will find an Old DeskOld Desk. Use it and a message appears:

As you open the drawer a ghostly apparition shortly appears hovering over the desk. You find an old note inside the drawer..

You will receive an Old Note Old Note.

Walk south-east and use a Heap of Rubbish Heap of Rubbish, here and you will receive a Painting of a Girl Painting of a Girl with the message:

You have found a painting of a girl.

Take the picture back to the room with the Old Desk and use it with the old desk. A message will appear:

You put the portrait into the drawer and close it. The ghost appears again and you hear a jingling sound inside the drawer..

Use the old desk again, you will receive an Old Silver Key Old Silver Key with the message:

You open the drawer again and find an old silver key that surely wasn't there before..

Walk east past the wall here and a message appears (if you do have the key):

In the light of the ghostsilver lantern you discover an otherwise invisible door. As you have the fitting key you can pass it.

From now on you can fight the boss. Bring your lantern and activate it, then use the wall to appear here. Walk though the teleporter to the pre-boss room here. Gather a team of 1-5 players, stand on the tiles and pull the lever to face the boss Lady Tenebris with her Shadow Tentacles.

If you change your mind and want to leave without fighting the boss, make sure your lantern is lit and use the wall to the north in the pre-boss room.

Lady Tenebris

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight. For Shadow Fiends
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. On the boss
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.


Forgotten Knowledge Quest - Lady Tenebris

Initially, you'll have to deal with Lady Tenebris and Shadow Tentacles. When the tentacles are killed, Lady Tenebris will start to summon Shadow Fiends, which don't deal a lot of damage but paralyze you, for this stage you will need Great Fireball Runes, Waves and maybe Hell's Core. Keep on focusing Lady Tenebris and use your AoE damage to kill the Shadow Fiends.

From time to time Lady Tenebris will teleport the party into the middle of the room and after a few seconds she will cast an explosion around her that deals up to 2500 Death Damage. Players must be ready to absorb or block the death damage. It is wise to have a Stone Skin Amulet ready in a hotkey to equip it immediately after being teleported, this way the maximum damage will be reduced from 2500 to just 500 (even lower if equipped with other death reducing items like Death/Butterfly Ring or Moon Mirror).

After killing her, use the shrine to get the following imbuements: Powerful Lich Shroud (death protection), Powerful Reap (death damage) and Powerful Vampirism (life leech).

Dragon in Distress - Ice Portal

Ice Portal

Follow this path to reach the Dragon Mother NPC.

Talk to Albinius about the "ice portal". He will ask for 50 Fish. Give them to him so you can enter the portal. Go through the Ice Portal, walk north-east down a hole and then follow the map to the right to the NPC A Dragon Mother. Talk to her saying: hi, assistance, yes. She will ask you to retrieve her stolen egg.

Then, walk back to the portal and walk here. Follow the path down until you reach a room with a teleport, enter it to find a room with a lever. Stand on the squares and pull the lever to enter the boss room.

Melting Frozen Horror


Forgotten Knowledge Quest - Frozen Horror

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight. On the egg
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. On the boss
Avoid Ice Icon.gif
Don't use Ice Damage during this fight.
Ice Protection Icon.gif
Equip Ice Damage Protection during this fight.

The blocker should challenge the Solid Frozen Horror while the rest of the team runs north to the Dragon Egg. There are two Icicle towers next to egg, keep a magic wall on each side active to prevent them from damaging the Dragon Egg as shown below. Attack the egg with fire damage attacks such as Great Fireball Runes and Flame Strike and the such will heal the egg. Don't use ice attacks because those will lower its health.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest - Dragon Egg.png

After some seconds Frozen Minions will spawn in the room. Since the minions' ice spells will heal the boss and damage the egg, it is suggested that a paladin blocks the minions, running around the room if necessary. The minions can be killed but will spawn again shortly. The Solid Frozen Horror should be kept away from the egg as it does an area spell that cancels magic walls and also can do ice waves.

Once the Dragon Egg's health is full, an orange message appears announcing that the boss is now vulnerable (The egg sends out a fiery eruption! Weakening the frozen horror significantly!). The boss will transform into a Melting Frozen Horror, quickly start attacking it (for the mages it is suggested to use Sudden Death Runes). After 20 seconds the boss becomes solid again at which point you have to heat the Egg again.

When the boss is defeated, a Baby Dragon (Creature) is born. Report back to A Dragon Mother, then leave her room but instead of going up, go around the cave and enter the Mystic Flame here. You'll arrive in a small dungeon with Twisted Shapers and Shaper Matriarchs. Use the shrine north-east to get the following imbuements: Powerful Quara Scale (ice protection), Powerful Frost (ice damage) and Powerful Blockade (shielding skillboost).

The Desecrated Glade - Earth Portal

Earth Portal

Talk to Albinius and say "earth portal". He will ask for 50 Acorns. Give them to him and enter the portal. Go through the Earth Portal or walk to the Outlaw Camp and find NPC Weakened Forest Fury. Talk to her saying: hi, distress, yes. She will give you an Empty Birdcage Empty Birdcage.

Walk into the Stony Pond next to her and you will appear in the Desecrated Glade, here. In this cave you will face: Cave Parrots, Orclops Ravagers and Orclops Doomhaulers.

When you use the Empty Birdcage on a Cave Parrot it will be caught and turn into an Occupied Birdcage Occupied Birdcage while a message appears:

The cave parrot may be tough but he somehow couldn't resist this particular birdcage. Or maybe it was you...

Walk some levels down until you see a Giant Tree located here. Use the Occupied Birdcage and the bird will fly away with Hearts Effect Hearts Effect and a message will appear:

You open the cage and let the cave parrot roam free!

Repeat this process until you freed 3 parrots. Furthermore, try to loot some Reinvigorating Seeds Reinvigorating Seeds (you only need one of these) from Orclops Ravagers. They need to be used on the Fertile Soil Fertile Soil with the message:

You planted some seeds into the soil.

This will make a Growing Birch Growing Birch appear. To water the birch you need one Phial of Fresh Water Phial of Fresh Water, which can be obtained by using the Stony Pond near the Weakened Forest Fury with the message:

A phial of fresh pond water. It looks crystal clear and sparkles a little.

When you use it on the Growing Birch it will say:

The birch grows as you pour the sparkling water from the phial over it.

The Growing Birch will grow into a Blooming Birch Blooming Birch, you need to grow 5 birches.

Now you can "heal" the giant tree located here, by using the Phial of Fresh Water on it.

Enter the Mystic Flame which appeared in front of you and you will appear in a Tree Wall cave deep below Tiquanda, here. Walk north-west until you find a teleporter, here. Enter it to appear in a room with 5 Stone Tiles and a Lever. Stand on the stone tiles with a team of 1-5 players and pull the lever, to be teleported in the boss room a little to the west, which contains an Abandoned Imbuing Shrine in the west.

The Enraged Thorn Knight

Battle recommendations:
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight. Heals the boss 10x the intended damage
Physical Protection Icon.gif
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.

When you enter the room 8 Possessed Trees will spawn, together with the Mounted Thorn Knight. There are also up to 4 Thorn Minions. When you kill these trees, they will turn into Unbound Blightwalker, Unbound Defiler, Unbound Demon Outcast or Unbound Demons. One way is to kill them one by one, because the thorn knight will take more damage afterwards. Another way is staying to the south and trying to avoid killing them.

The Mounted Thorn Knight has 3 phases which slightly differ. Phase 1: He summons Thorn Minions and sits on his mount. Phase 2: He turns into The Shielded Thorn Knight and his mount Thorn Steed, which has to be killed first. Phase 3: He turns into The Enraged Thorn Knight. All of them can be killed with fire damage, however death damage will heal them 10 times the intended damage (A SD rune hitting normally 500 will instead heal them 5000).

After killing him, use the shrine to get the following imbuements: Powerful Snake Skin (earth protection), Powerful Venom (earth damage), Powerful Slash (sword skillboost), Powerful Chop (axe skillboost) and Powerful Bash (club skillboost).

The Unwary Mage - Fire Portal

Fire Portal

Go to Ivalisse located in the Halls of Hope, here. Talk to Ivalisse, say temple, father, yes, yes and she will give you the mission to find her father who was looking for Draken in Zao.

The area Ivalisse talks about is located behind the Fire Portal (you need to have completed the entire The New Frontier Quest to enter), which brings you to northern Zao here. East of the building you can go up with a ladder, walk north over a Bridge and enter the Temple Complex (Dark Cave Entrance) here.

Zao fire portal1.png

Zao fire portal2.png

Walk south past some Mutated Bats and Mutated Tigers and go west through a Lizard area where you face all kinds of High Class Lizards. Walk until you can go down one floor and walk north-east. Eventually you will find a room with A Strange Chalice, here. This is of course a disguised Silus, the father of Ivalisse.

Zao fire portal3.png

Talk to him saying hi, chalice, daughter, story, disguised, thirsty, learned. From him you will learn the password to enter the teleporter in the Temple Complex, which is zzubaran.

You can now enter the teleporter located here, which brings you one floor down, here where you will face Draken Warmasters and Draken Spellweavers.

Zao fire portal4.png

Walk south to a teleporter located here, which brings you to a room a little to the west, here. There you will find several Stone Tiles and a Lever.

Zao fire portal5.png

Gather between 1 and 5 people so you can kill the Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch. If a group enters the room you can't enter it. If you exit the boss room during the fight you can't enter it right away again.

Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. Use strong attacks like SDs in the boss' mortal form.
Avoid Fire Icon.gif
Don't use Fire Damage during this fight. Servants, Wraths and boss are immune to it.
Physical Protection Icon.gif
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight.
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight.

In the room you will find 4 Soulcatchers, Dragon Servants and (an immortal) Dragonking Zyrtarch. The knight should stay in the middle and keep the Dragonking away from the Soulcatcher, because they will heal him otherwise (?). The rest of the team has to attack the Soulcatchers with damage over time like Inflict Wound, Curse, Electrify, Envenom,Holy Flash, Ignite or Soulfire (Soulcatchers are not immune to Fire, unlike the other creatures during the fight, runes are recommended because you'll have to wait the spells' Cooldown otherwise) until 3 Corrupted Souls spawned. The team has to kill them all on the same spot to create a portal (first green, then purple, then red). When the portal turns red, the team has to jump into it and the knight has to lure the Dragonking in it as well.

In the next room you will face two Dragon Wraths and the Dragonking becomes mortal. Use Energy Bombs, to keep the Dragon Wraths away from the party and strong attacks such as Sudden Death Runes the Dragonking until you get teleported to the previous room, where you have to repeat this procedure until the Dragonking dies. You have a limit of 17 minutes to kill this boss.

After killing the boss, use the Abandoned Imbuing Shrine north of the room and report back to Ivalisse to unlock the following imbuements: Powerful Dragon Hide (fire protection), Powerful Scorch (fire damage) and Powerful Void (mana leech).

Time is a Window - Holy Portal

Holy Portal

Talk to Albinius and say "holy portal". He will ask for 50 Incantation Notes. Give them to him and enter the portal. Entering the Holy Portal takes you to the Astral Shaper Dungeon, deep below Tiquanda. You will enter the dungeon here. Walk east, while you encounter Twisted Shapers and Broken Shapers, and enter a Time Machine located here, which teleports you here with a message:

The mechanism takes you back in time.

Note: When you use the time machine, the only way to exit is by defeating The Time Guardian, or you can just use the exit teleport in the boss room.

This floor contains no creatures, but a teleporter to the north, here. Enter it and you will appear here, in a room with a sign saying "Room of Cleansing", an Old Machine. Use the old machine to receive an Imbuing Crystal.

Go through the western teleporter, which takes you here, a room with 5 tiles and a lever, where you can try to face The Time Guardian with 1-5 people.

The Time Guardian

The Time Guardian will appear with several Time Keepers and has 3 forms with different weaknesses:

Battle recommendations:
Use Physical Damage during this fight. Explosion Runes
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight. Use it on the Freezing Time Guardian
Use Ice Damage during this fight. Use it on Blazing Time Guardian
Avoid Fire Icon.gif
Don't use Fire Damage during this fight. Blazing Time Guardian is healed by it
Avoid Ice Icon.gif
Don't use Ice Damage during this fight. Freezing Time Guardian is healed by it
Physical Protection Icon.gif
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight. For blockers
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight. For blockers
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight. For blockers

This is a very dynamic fight, the boss alternates between 3 forms. Shooters are usually safe if 2 blockers trap the boss in one corner and avoid the beams and waves from the boss. The main source of damage from the boss is Fire and Physical damage, with minimum income of Death Damage. Blockers are recomended to wear mainly Physical and Fire protection, the boss can hit up to ~1200 to 1300 Physical Damage and up to ~900 Fire damage, while only ~300 Death Damage.

The Time Guardian.gif
The normal Time Guardian is strong against every element, just deal damage to him in this form. Physical damage is recommended. Mages are best to use Explosion_Rune Explosion Runes.
The Freezing Time Guardian.gif
The Freezing Time Guardian is weak against Fire Damage and gets healed by Ice Damage. If you deal enough damage in this form, he will summon a Lost Time, which you will need to get rid of the Time Waster. Just kill the Lost Time Lost Time and use the corpse (by using it) with a living Time_Waster Time Waster. In this stage it will NOT inflict Ice Damage to the players, one of his waves still causes Fire Damage. It's good to use Great_Fireball_Rune Great Fireball Runes. Sorcerers should use Great Fire Wave and Strong Flame Strike. Hell's Core is usually not needed and can be counterproductive because of the long attack cooldown.
The Blazing Time Guardian.gif
The Blazing Time Guardian is weak against Ice Damage and gets healed by Fire Damage. Depending on the amount of damage he takes in this form, he will summon Time Wasters, which are immortal and deal a decent amount of damage. Do deal more ice damage than fire damage, otherwise there will be too many Time_Waster Time Wasters.

For this stage Druids can use Eternal Winter, but it may be counterproductive due to the long attack cooldown. Using Avalanche_Rune Avalanche Runes, Strong Ice Wave and Strong Ice Strike is usually a better option.

In general the team has to keep an eye on the Time Guardian changing his form and react appropriate. To summarize the strategy: you want to deal as much physical damage as possible on The Time Guardian, as much fire damage as possible on The Freezing Time Guardian (the more Lost Time spawn, the better) and don't overdo ice damage on The Blazing Time Guardian (so you always have enough corpses from Lost Time to get rid of the spawning Time Wasters). Killing the Time Keepers with area damage from time to time will help to lower the incoming damage, but is usually not needed as they will keep respawning. Energy protection is very usefull for that aswell.

After killing the boss, use the shrine outside the boss room and east of the Time Machine's entrance, here, to get the following imbuements: Powerful Demon Presence (holy protection) and Powerful Precision (distance skill boost).

Final Fight - The Last Lore Keeper

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight. For the Bound Astral Powers
Use Energy Damage during this fight. For the Astral Source
Divine Caldera.gif
Use Holy Damage during this fight. For the main bosses enemies
Physical Protection Icon.gif
Equip Physical Damage Protection during this fight. For The Astral Source
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight. For The Last Lore Keeper

Energy Gate

After you killed all six bosses from the elemental portals, you can enter the Energy Gate in the Halls of Hope. You will end up in the Astral Shaper Boss Dungeon located here.

You will meet various Astral Shapers. Walk south and go down the hole here. Walk north-west and go down some stairs here. Walk east until you find some Stone Rhinos and a Mystic Flame, here. Enter the teleporter and you fill travel to a room located here. Walk in the teleporter to get in a room with 15 Stone Tiles and a lever. Get your team of 1-15 people on the tiles and pull the lever to enter the boss room. About battle recommendations, Paladins should Use Holy Damage on the four main enemies (4 Bound Astral Powers, The Astral Source, An Astral Glyph and The Last Lore Keeper), it deals 100% of the damage. Knights are advised to bring an Energy dealing weapon (Gnome Sword/Falcon Battleaxe/Falcon Mace or Soulmaimer if available) or less preferable any powerful energy imbued weapon, as all enemies are strong against Physical Damage. Finally, Mages should use SDs against the Bound Astral Powers, and should prefer energy based attacks as The Astral Source is weak to it and both An Astral Glyph and The Last Lore Keeper are not as strong to energy. Also, for UEs, Sorcerers of course should prefer Rage of the Skies and Druids Wrath of Nature (almost everything is strong to Ice) while cleaning the room of lesser enemies or racking up damage.


Forgotten Knowledge Quest - The Last Lore Keeper

The secret to completing this fight successfully is executing the mechanics very precisely, otherwise you'll run out of time very quickly. Once you enter the room, the Astral Glyph starts to gather energy that will expel you from the room. To prevent that, you have to kill the Bound Astral Powers so you have enough time to weaken the Source and kill the Glyph. Once the Bound Astral Powers respawn, you'll have to kill them again otherwise the Source will gather more energy and kick you out. Once The Astral Source is in black HP (it won't die), it will stop gathering energy and you won't have to deal with Bound Astral Powers anymore. The recommended strategy is the following:

Astral Powers #1

Entering the room a message will appear:

The Astral Glyph begins to draw upon bound astral power to expel you from the room!

Bound Astral Power

The boss room contains four green vortices in its corners leading to smaller side rooms, each one with one Bound Astral Powers and possibly a couple Animated Swords. After pulling the lever, the team should move to one of the vortices and start attacking the Astral Power in it. Shooters can use SDs to greatly increase the damage. When it's in red HP, all the team members but one player should leave the room and proceed to the next Astral Power. This player should attack the Power a few more turns to make sure it's on black HP and close to die. When the second Astral Power reaches approximately 40% health, the player that stayed behind should finish off the first one.

The same strategy should be employed with the second and third Powers, whereas the final Power should be killed immediately.

Note: The players that stay behind in the first three rooms should stay in the room after killing the Astral Power and wait until the team is back to the main room to leave. Once you leave the room with the Astral Power dead, you'll not be allowed into another room and will be forced to stay in the main room with the Swords and Glyph.

Upon killing an Astral Power, the following message appears: The destruction of the power source gained you more time until the glyph is powered up!

The Astral Source #1

The Astral Source

Once all 4 Powers are dead, the team must gather in the main room and start attacking The Astral Source, be careful with the Drown Wave from The Astral source,it deals great Physical Damage. When it reaches black HP it will become The Distorted Astral Source (Your damage distorted the source and prevents the Glyph to draw its power!) and A Shielded Astral Glyph will become just An Astral Glyph (Without the power of the source, the Glyph loses its protection!). When this happens, start attacking the Glyph and the Source at the same time, so the Source doesn't heal back.

Astral Powers #2

Between 2 to 2.5 minutes after you returned to the main room, the Bound Astral Powers will start to respawn. A team member should be checking the room where the first Power was killed and call the team in when it respawns. Once this happens, the same rotation as before must be performed: leave it in red HP with a shooter, move to the next one and kill the previous Power when the HP of the one being attacked reaches about 40%.

The Astral Source #2

An Astral Glyph

Back in the main room, the Astral Source will have healed a bit and the Glyph will be shielded again (Drawing upon the power of the source, the Glyph becomes shielded again!). Repeat the same process as before to remove the shield and cause damage to the Glyph. This time around you should have enough time to kill the Astral Glyph, which will make The Last Lore Keeper appear.

Last Lore Keeper

The Last Lore Keeper

Getting to this stage is the hardest part of the boss fight. Once the Lore Keeper spawns, you won't have to deal with the Source or Powers anymore. Just trap it somewhere in the room (e.g. by the Imbuing Shrine) and attack it. The members in wave range should be careful with the Keeper's Energy Wave. Since there will be many Animated Swords in the room, the weakest team members can be positioned closer to the walls while stronger ones stay on the edges with the Swords. When too many Swords are on screen the mages can use UE combos to clear them.


Dragon in Distress - Ice Portal

Player: hi
A Dragon Mother: Greetings humans! Consider yourselfs lucky, I'm in need of {help}.
Player: help
A Dragon Mother: I'm aware what you are looking for. Usually I would rather devour you, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I need your {assistance}.
Player: assistance
A Dragon Mother: Wretched creatures of ice have stolen my egg that was close to hatching. ...
A Dragon Mother: Since I'm to huge to enter those lower Tunnels I have to ask you to take care of my {egg}. Will you do this?
Player: yes
A Dragon Mother: So return to the upper tunnels where cultists and ice golems dwell. Somewhere in these tunnels you will find a small prison haunted by a ghost. South of this prison cell there is a tunnel that will lead you eastwards. ...
A Dragon Mother: Follow the tunnel until you reach a small cave. Step down and down until you see a blue energy field. It will lead you to my egg. It is sealed so that not everyone may enter the room. But you have the permission now.
Player: egg
A Dragon Mother: As I told you, fiendish ice creatures dragged my egg into the lower caves. ...
A Dragon Mother: Without enough heat the egg will die soon. Venture there and save my hatchling and the knowledge you seeek shall be yours!
Player: bye
A Dragon Mother: Grrr.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest After defeating the Melting Frozen Horror:

Player: hi
A Dragon Mother: You have done me a favour and the knowledge you are seeking shall be yours. I melted the ice for you, you can pass now.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest

The Desecrated Glade - Earth Portal

Player: hi
weakened forest fury: I greet you, human. This is a time of {distress}, more than ever are we in need of guardians to protect us and our world.
Player: distress
weakened forest fury: My pride is great but not greater than reason. I am not too proud to ask for help as this is a dark hour. ...
weakened forest fury: This glade has been desecrated. We kept it secret for centuries, yet evil has found a way to sully and destroy what was our most sacred. ...
weakened forest fury: There is only one way to reinvigorate its spirits, a guardian must venture down there and bring life back into the forest. ...
weakened forest fury: Stolen {seeds} need to be wrested from the {intruders} and planted where the soil still hungers. ...
weakened forest fury: The purest {water} from the purest well needs to be brought there and poured and {birds} that give life need to be brought back to the inner sanctum of the glade. ...
weakened forest fury: Will you be our guardian?
Player: yes
weakened forest fury: Indeed, you will. Take one of these {cages}, which have been crafted generations ago to rob a creature of its freedom for that it may earn it again truthfully. Return the birds back to their home in the glade. ...
weakened forest fury: You will find {phials} for {water} near this sacred well which will take you safely to the glade. No seeds are left, they are in the hands of the {intruders} now. Have faith in yourself, guardian.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest

The Unwary Mage - Fire Portal

Player: hi
Ivalisse: Hello, worshipper of the {Astral Shapers}! Welcome to the {temple}! While you are here to pay tribute, you can also learn something about the ancient art of {imbuing}.
Player: mission
Ivalisse: Besides my various {duties} in the temple, I also take care of visitors. Well, I would but right now I can't get my mind of how my {father}'s doing. I am sorry.
Player: father
Ivalisse: Papa- my father has recently started an adventure on his own. His name is Silus, he is a member of the Edron academy. ...
Ivalisse: Ever since he has joined what he called a 'special research division', he went on and on about Zao and how venturing there would help him get ahead. ...
Ivalisse: You must know he lives for science, especially concerning far-away lands and cultures. He talked about the importance of practical field studies but, frankly, he isn't particularly cut out for that. ...
Ivalisse: I know he has to focus to get his research done right now and I simply cannot leave my duties in the temple. You seem like a person who travels a lot, would you be willing to help me?
Player: yes
Ivalisse: Thank you! He told me the other researchers in his team discovered a bridge leading to a cave with a dragon sculpture somewhere in a muggy, grassy area. ...
Ivalisse: The cave is said to lead to a temple complex underground which is used as a gathering place for a race called 'draken'. He left right away and tried to enter Zao on his own. ...
Ivalisse: I was even more worried when he explained the route he chose. He wanted to head straight through a giant steppe and through a massive mountainous ridge to reach the grassy plains of lower Zao. ...
Ivalisse: If you're interested: I know that the Shapers were active in all corners of Tibia. If you happen to find Shaper ruins there, you may even be able to gather some of their lost knowledge. ...
Ivalisse: I may have been a bit stubborn and angry the day he left, I even refused to say farewell. And now I worry if he is safe. ...
Ivalisse: I can not do much to help you but I can point you to the fiery orange gate to get you quite close to his last known location in Zao. ...
Ivalisse: You will be able to enter it as long as you are already familiar with Zao and visited its steppes and jungles at least once. What do you say, will you help me find my father?
Player: yes
Ivalisse: You would? That's great! Thank you! If you can find my father, tell him I understand and that I really miss him!

Forgotten Knowledge Quest

Player: hi
a strange chalice: Hi? What do you mean 'hi' - can't you see I am a... I have to lower my voice. Did it occur to you, that this '{chalice}' does not want to be disturbed?! Leave me alone!
Player: chalice
a strange chalice: Finally. That's what I... oh wait, you're still talking to me - you will blow my cover! What do you want? Oh wait, did my {daughter} send you? It has been some time now, indeed.
Player: 'daughter
a strange chalice: Well, besides being a renowned sorcerer and scholar at the magic academy in Edron, I am also the proud father of a beautiful daughter, Ivalisse. My little endeavour here must have troubled the poor thing all the time since I left. ...
a strange chalice: Tell her I love her and that I will take care. I have to press on! My research is most valuable to the 'Edron-Zaoan Exploration Division'. You don't happen to have some water, do you? Ah nevermind. It's a long {story}.
Player: story
a strange chalice: No water then? Ah drat - er, don't worry, no problem. So, from the day I received news of the discovery of Zao, I wanted to study its inhabitants, wildlife, plants and geography. ...
a strange chalice: The academy instated the 'Edron-Zaoan Exploration Division' shortly after. I was a founding member and head of the 'Draken' research branch. ...
a strange chalice: Since my valued and practical oriented colleague and mentor Spectulus did not join us, there is only one member of the academy exploration division to actually venture out to see the place - me. ...
a strange chalice: You must know, most things in the academy happen 'inside', behind closed doors. But some of us simply refuse to let theory reign over practical experience in science. ...
a strange chalice: Well, basically Spectulus is the only one likeminded so far. In fact, he incited me to work in the field in first place. So here I am! {Disguised} as a chalice.
Player: disguised
a strange chalice: Oh yes, so since I wanted to study the Draken up close, I came up with an idea. Based on my research, and some slight bruises and a scar, the perfect hiding place is often right in the middle of subjects. ...
a strange chalice: If I could enter their lair unseen and establish a forward camp, I would be able to study the draken in peace - or so I thought. Turns out the whole place was empty. I set up my camp and waited. ...
a strange chalice: Then something happened, lizardfolk started to appear, searching the place. I had to retreat from my hiding place and advance through a safer position. ...
a strange chalice: I needed to get close and blend in. So I came up with the ultimate disguise: a chalice. I could establish foothold right in their midst, would never be identified as an intruder and could even analyse their drinks! ...
a strange chalice: I quickly dug a tunnel to get into what I assume is a throne room and waited for them to pick me up an carry me around! ...
a strange chalice: They also 'used' me a bit, you don't want to go into any details here. I am really {thirsty}.
Player: thirsty
a strange chalice: Ah did I say that? Nevermind, I'm not really thirsty. It's part of this illusion. Somehow, I've been in hiding for so long, I started to... become... a vessel. ...
a strange chalice: I don't know, I have that constant urge to drink but in this form I would not need to, there is no mouth, no stomach, no flesh and no actual need to eat, drink or sleep. ...
a strange chalice: I basically communicate by making the metal of this goblet vibrate and using its form as a body of sound. Like a real voice, don't you think?? Yes, alright I know it's creepy. ...
a strange chalice: I am still in the middle of my research and do not want to go home, so please tell my daughter to not worry about my - this will be a breakthrough! I already {learned} a lot!
Player: learned
a strange chalice: Yes, well for instance I tried for some time to figure out how to enter the fiery portal in this complex. Most of the draken never come up here. They rather hide somewhere down there, planning and plotting. ...
a strange chalice: I already know how to enter it, you need to step in and yell 'zzubaran'. Unfortunately they never took me with them. ...
a strange chalice: I heard them say it once, when a seemingly drunk guard yelled it in front of a wall mounted torch, hitting his head against it afterwards. He spilt all my contents on the floor, hmpf.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest

Player: father
Ivalisse: What? You're telling me you found father? How is he, what did papa say? A chalice? As a disguise? The whole time? ...
Ivalisse: Well, I am not as much surprised as I am happy to hear that he's alright. You know, after the incident with the duck and the umbrella - it doesn't get to me that easily anymore. ...
Ivalisse: Thank you very much for doing all this for me, I will be forever grateful. I have nothing to repay you with but you are already blessed to have been able to lay eyes on the sacred shaper ruins.

Forgotten Knowledge Quest