Flowers are mostly found on gardens. Some are more common, others are just rare to see around. Here's a short list of them:


Name Move Walk Notes
Bees Ballroom Bees Ballroom.gif It attracts all kind of insects including bees. It is quoted in this book.
Blooming Griffinclaw Blooming Griffinclaw.gif Only the flower growing on Nargor can be harvested. You can take a sample of it every 20 hours, as long as you have an empty container at hand and haven't handed one in yet. If you try to harvest it again before the 20 hours are over, you will receive the following message: You just collected a fragile griffinclaw. At least wait for the rest of the plant to recover a bit before gathering more.
See also: Dry Griffinclaw.
Crane Plant Crane Plant.gif A rather pompous plant, named after its discoverer Malcom Crane. It is quoted in this book.
Dawn Singer Dawn Singer.gif It opens it's blossom in the morning, but emanates an awful odour. It is quoted in this book.
Devil's Tongue Flower Devil's Tongue Flower.gif It's a species of flowers from Tiquanda. It's quite a big plant and its leaves give a spice when dried. This flower is quoted in this book.
Dew Kisser Flower Dew Kisser Flower.gif Small and common flower.
Dinky Moss Floret (Object) Dinky Moss Floret (Object).gif Use it to obtain a Dinky Moss Floret.
Dragons Nest Tree Dragons Nest Tree.gif It isn't a real tree and has nothing to do with dragons. It is quoted in this book.
Dry Flower Dry Flower.gif Looks identical to Heaven Blossoms.
Fairy Queen Fairy Queen.gif One of the most beautiful plants of the world, but very expensive to grow so only royalties can afford to grow it. It is quoted in this book.
Flower Bowl (First Dragon) Flower Bowl (First Dragon).gif Looks identical to a Flower Bowl. Unbeatable Dragons are allergic and weakened by it.
Flowery Wall Flowery Wall.gif These are really just flowers growing up a wall.
Giant Jungle Rose Giant Jungle Rose.gif It is an enormous rose.
See also:
Jungle Rose
Gold Blossom Gold Blossom.gif A somewhat rare flower.
Harvested Ice Flower Harvested Ice Flower.gif Only appear during the Thawing Mini World Change. It will change back into an Ice Flower after a few hours.
Heaven Blossoms Heaven Blossoms.gif Very common; not pickable.
Ice Flower Ice Flower.gif Only appear during the Thawing Mini World Change. It is usable and will turn into a Harvested Ice Flower. You can harvest them for Ice Flower Seeds. These flowers will respawn 4 hours after being harvested.

See also: Ice Flower/Harvesting Statistics

Jungle Bells Plant Jungle Bells Plant.gif It is lovely, but needs much light and water. It is described in this book.
Jungle Rose Jungle Rose.gif Related to ordinary Roses. It can grow very big and become a Giant Jungle Rose. It is quoted in this book.
Large Pearl Flower (Pink) Large Pearl Flower (Pink).gif There are also yellow Large Pearl Flowers.
Large Pearl Flower (Yellow) Large Pearl Flower (Yellow).gif There are also pink Large Pearl Flowers.
Leechbloom Leechbloom.gif
Lion's Mane Flower (Object) Lion's Mane Flower (Object).gif You can pick it. When picked, only Grass remains, but it will regrow quickly.
Love Flower Love Flower.gif As its name suggests, it is the ultimate symbol of love.
Meadow Star Meadow Star.gif This is a beautiful flower. Strangely, there doesn't seem to exist an east-facing one.
Moon Flower (Desert) Moon Flower (Desert).gif These actually look very different from regular Moon Flowers.
Moon Flowers Moon Flowers.gif Very common to find it along with single Moon Flowers. These are not pickable, but single Moon Flowers can be taken.
Moonshine Bells Moonshine Bells.gif
Orange Shade Orange Shade.gif
Orchid Orchid.gif Not that common; not pickable.

It looks the same as a Holy Orchid.

Purple Cardinal Purple Cardinal.gif This plant grows big and protects itself from ants. It is quoted in this book.
Royal Blossom Royal Blossom.gif There are three different varieties of royal blossom: red, pink and yellow.

The red royal blossom looks the same as the Bloodkiss Flower.

Several Oxalis Several Oxalis.gif A bunch of Oxalis.
Single Oxalis Single Oxalis.gif It resembles the Wraithtongue a little bit.
Skull Orchid Skull Orchid.gif It has petals which look like small skulls.
Small Pearl Flower Small Pearl Flower.gif Smaller version of a Large Pearl Flower (Pink).
Sneeze Blossom Sneeze Blossom.gif
Some Sunflowers Some Sunflowers.gif
Starlight Buttercup Starlight Buttercup.gif
Sun Flowers Sun Flowers.gif If you click on the map, your character will avoid walking over Sun Flowers.
Sunflower Sunflower.gif
Titans Orchid Titans Orchid.gif Quoted in this book.
Turtle Sprouter Turtle Sprouter.gif Can be cultivated easily, it's sprouts have the shape of small orbs. It is quoted in this book.
Velvet Petal Velvet Petal.gif Its petals feel like velvet. It is quoted in this book.
Voodoo Lily Voodoo Lily.gif Its name gives you an eerie feeling...
Water Lily Water Lily.gif Water lilies grow in 4 different kinds. Before the Christmas Update 2008 they used to look different.
White Flower (Object) White Flower (Object).gif An ordinary white flower. You can cut it with a Kitchen Knife.
Wild Roses Wild Roses.gif
Witches' Cauldron Plant Witches' Cauldron Plant.gif It is a large, poisonous plant. It is described in this book. It looks really similar to a real life plant, the Titan Arum.

See also other Objects.