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You see a flower pot.
It weighs 1.50 oz.


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  • Flower Pot.gif Something has been planted in there, but you cannot see what it is yet.
  • Unused flower 03.gif The plant in there sprouted, but only gardeners might recognise what it will develop into.
  • Unused flower 04.gif The plant in it seems to be a dryad's heart flower.
  • Unused flower 09.gif There is a fully grown dryad's heart flower in it.
  • Unused flower 02.gif The plant in it seems to be a lizard tongue fern.
  • Unused flower 07.gif There is a fully grown lizard tongue plant in it.
  • Unused flower 08.gif The plant in it seems to be a midnight bloom flower.
  • Unused flower 10.gif There is a fully grown midnight bloom flower in it.
  • Unused flower 06.gif The plant in it seems to be an ember queen flower.
  • Unused flower 11.gif There is a fully grown ember queen flower in it.
  • Finger Snapper (3rd Stadium).gif The plant in it seems to be a finger snapper plant.
  • Finger Snapper (4th Stadium).gif There is a fully grown finger snapper plant in it.
  • Fairy Dancer (3rd Stadium).gif The plant in it seems to be a fairy dancer flower.
  • Fairy Dancer.gif There is a fully grown fairy dancer flower in it.
  • Flower Pot (Winterblossom 1st Stadium).gif The plant in it seems to be a winterblossom flower.
  • Flower Pot (Winterblossom).gif There is a fully grown winterblossom in it.
  • Unused flower 01.gif This plant urgently needs some water, else it will wither away and disappear completely.

Water it with a Watering Can. It can be watered every 20 hours (applies to the plant, not the player) and watering the plant gives it a chance to grow to the next development stage. When a plant grows successfully, a message appears, "Your plant has grown to the next stage!", otherwise, "You watered your plant.", and if 20 hours haven't passed yet, "Your plant doesn't need water.".

When blooming, the plant does not need daily watering. However, after 5 days without water it will wither. During this Withered Plant stage the plant can be watered to recover it to the 2nd stage. When saving a withered plant you will receive the message "You finally remembered to water your plant and it recovered.". After 2 more days without water the withered plant will die and leave an Empty Flower Pot.

The Winterblossom is an exception to the normal plants - it does not wither so once fully bloomed it will remain in that stage permanently. You can also use Ice Flower Seeds on any fully developed plant to preserve it.

Timers such as those on flower pots do not count down if they are stored in depots (while you are away) or in your inventory (while logged off). This will allow you to preserve the flower if you cannot log in to care for them. To allow the plant to grow you must store it in a house or carry it with you while logged in.

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Water flowers to their final stage 100 times to receive the Green Thumb achievement. You can reuse flower pots by saving them when they wither, which will restore them to stage 2. Use Ice Flower Seeds on any fully developed plant to receive the Preservationist achievement. The plant will no longer wither if you do this.
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Before Update 9.83, flower pots could only be watered every 24 hours instead of every 20.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Rosemarie1Port Hope5 Seeds
  1. During Flower Month and by saying seed.

Sell To

Players only.