A floor reset is when the map in an area returns to its "original state." This means that any items that were thrown on the ground will disappear, and any items that were taken away will respawn. These areas are known as refresh zones.

  • Floor reset happens in different places at different times.
  • The time a floor reset happens will be always the same for a given place (example: If you notice a floor reset in a tomb at 9pm you can be sure that each day if no players are around, there will be a floor reset at 9pm in that tomb).
  • Floor reset happens 4 times per day with periods of 6 hours between each floor reset.
  • A floor reset will occur in a method similar to creature respawns. When no players are near an area that's going to have a floor reset the place will be reset, but if someone was or is near that area it will be no floor reset.
  • Locations that receive more player-traffic will not have many floor resets. For example, floor rarely resets in towns where there are almost always people walking around.
  • Some places never reset (only on game updates or when the Game World is launched). Such examples are houses and certain towns.
  • After a Server Save there will be always a floor reset (unless is a place that only resets after an update).
  • After a floor reset Daily Respawns of items will occur.
  • The Feyrist peninsula has an unusual frequent rate of one floor reset every 30 minutes because of its changes during the day/night cycle.