You see a flask of rust remover.
It weighs 0.90 oz.
It can be used to clean and polish old and rusty armors.


Can be used to remove the rust from Rusty Armors, Rusty Helmets, Rusty Legs, and Rusty Shields. You have a chance of getting nothing when the following message will appear: The armor was already damaged so badly that it broke when you tried to clean it.

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Completing the The Hidden City of Beregar Quest - Justice for All allows you to purchase this item.
Successfully polish 1000 items with this item grants you the Polisher achievement.
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In a small patch, its weight was changed from 2.50 oz to 0.90 oz on November 10, 2009.

Trade Details

Buy From

Harog1Beregar50 Gold
  1. After completing the Justice for All mission of the The Hidden City of Beregar Quest.

Sell To

Players only.