Property Value
General Properties
Name Fitzwilliam
Item ID 28864
Classification Statues
Other Properties
Version 11.80
July 03, 2018
Status Active
You see Fitzwilliam.
  • You may find a CAN OF GREASE in these very halls, oh yes... no don't go - it can prove really useful...!
  • Your chiselled features, stoic pose and athletic build... you'd make a fine statue!
  • So we tried maybe a spell or two, maybe more. Maybe there was a difficult one, maybe one was actually forbidden...
  • Talking stones at what beach? Talking Stones?! Admit it, there is definitely something fishy about that.
  • Don't touch my nether regions.
  • So, I'm Fitzwilliam as... is also carved into my base. What about your name?
  • I'm still a valuable and useful member of the Order of the Falcon. You can't strip me of my rank and title.
  • worked for me, didn't it? Sure, it may look like a kind of stagnation point in my career - but I'm still here, am I not?
  • Phew, I'm on a heavy mood today.
  • You probably asked this yourself and the answer's nope, can't lift this 'curse' from me. There's nothing to lift, all splendid.
  • Feel these muscles? Rock hard.


In the Falcon Bastion, here.


If you use it it will tell you some of the secrets of the Falcon Bastion.

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