Fishing is the art of catching fish. Simply use a Fishing Rod on water while holding worms to catch a fish. While every tile of water gives home to a single fish, after being caught it will take a decent amount of time for the fish to respawn.


  • If the water does not react you either can not fish there or an object is obstructing the rod line.
  • It is possible set a hotkey to a fishing rod to hasten the process, doing so also avoids the inconvenience of accidentally throwing your rod in the water.
  • If there is no fish in the water you will receive the message Sorry, not possible. This only applies to water that is always unfishable. Does not work on a square where a fish has been caught.
  • An easy way to tell when you have caught a fish is to watch the amount of worms you have.
  • Working in a horizontal or vertical pattern across the screen is the easiest way to keep track of spots where you have already fished.
  • After the Summer Update 2010, fish is automatically stacked in the container you are using.
  • Although located underground, the lakes found at Mintwallin and south of the Outlaw Camp contain fish.
  • You cannot catch fish while fishing from a Protection Zone.
  • Your fishing skill will only rise if there is a fish in the square you are fishing in. This is a good way to check is a fish in the square.
  • Your fishing skill increases the chance that you will successfully catch a fish, up to a maximum chance of 50% at fishing skill 77 and beyond.[1]
  • It takes 36 minutes and 40 seconds (2200 seconds) for a tile to respawn a fish after being fished.[1]


Fishing one square at a time, until you catch a fish, in the vertical or horizontal pattern (mentioned above) is the most efficient way to fish. This allows you to keep track of where you have caught fish and systematically clear the entire screen. Fishing on random spots is almost impossible to keep track of and you will inevitably waste casts fishing on a cleared spot.

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