This article is about the item. For the creature, see Fish (Creature). For the creature class, see Fishes.

You see a fish.
It weighs 5.20 oz.
  • Munch.


Fish (Creature) turns into an edible Fish when killed.
To fish, use a Fishing Rod (you also need Worms with you, to use as bait). You can also put the Fishing Rod on a Hotkey. Only shallow water contains fish. Each water square has one fish which needs to respawn after it is caught, which takes approximately 30 minutes. See Fishing for more information.

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Obtainable in The Beginning Quest.
It can be found at Daily Respawns in the fishing hut near Thais, in Nargor kitchen, Edron Orc Cave, in a house in Sabrehaven and many more places in Tibia.
5 of them are needed for The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest.
The secret achievement "Here, Fishy Fishy!" is obtainable by fishing 1000 fishes. 50 Are needed in the Forgotten Knowledge Quest.
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