You see a fireworks rocket.
It weighs 1.00 oz.
Do not use in your backpack or while asleep. Keep away from animals or children.


When using this item, either Blue Confetti Effect Blue Confetti Effect or Red Confetti Effect Red Confetti Effect or Yellow Confetti Effect Yellow Confetti Effect will appear.
It can be obtained by using Blue Surprise Bags and Red Surprise Bags.

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You can receive 2 achievements from using this item.

  • Fireworks in the Sky is gained by using 250 fireworks rockets on the ground.
  • Rocket in Pocket is gained by using 3 fireworks rockets while they are in your inventory (e.g backpack).
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Before Winter Update 2010, you would lose 10 hp if you would use it while it was in a container of your inventory, except if you were in a Protection Zone or had less than 10 hp.

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Players only.