The Hellgore volcano erupts on Goroma.




Achievement Fire from the Earth, stronger creatures inside Hellgore, opportunity to tame a Dragonling.

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World Board: The volcano on Goroma sends his fiery message into the sky. A lot of creatures are flooding the lands together with its lava.
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! The volcano on Goroma is spitting fire. Creatures are spawning, strong and dire. Lava is heading up the land. Adventurer, be careful or it will be your last stand!


The Hellgore volcano erupts on Goroma.

Instead of the regular Stone Golems, Fire Elementals and Fire Devils, stronger creatures will appear inside the volcano: Demons, Diabolic Imps, Dragons, Dragon Hatchlings, Dragon Lords, Dragon Lord Hatchlings, Dragonlings and Hellfire Fighters. Therefore this MWC provides you with an excellent opportunity to tame your very own Dragonling.

Kill 50 fiery creatures of any kind (on top of or inside the volcano) to get the achievement Fire from the Earth.

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