You see a fire sword (Atk:24 physical + 11 fire, Def:20 +1).
Classification: 2 Tier: 0.
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 30 or higher.
It weighs 23.00 oz.
The blade is a magic flame.


    Mainly used from level 30 to 35 by Knights. This sword is also used by higher level Knights to fight creatures immune to Physical Damage, like Ghosts. Provides a small amount of red light. The graphic for the Fire Sword is an edit of the old Rapier sprite.

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    Before Update 7.2 the Fire Sword was the best easy-obtainable one handed sword on all Game Worlds but Antica. It was possible to inflict two rounds of damage at a time because of its weight.

    Earlier ways of obtaining

    Dragons used to drop these swords. Long ago they were also obtainable from a quest A Sweaty Cyclops was part of.

    Sprite Change

    With the 2012 Spring Patch the sprite of the Fire Sword changed from Fire Sword (Old).gif to Fire Sword.gif.