Property Value
Combat Properties
Health Health Icon 4000
Experience Experience Icon 2800
Speed Haste Icon ?
Armor Armor Icon ?
Est. Max Dmg ~1200+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
General Properties
Name Fire Overlord
Classification Pyro-Elementals
Elemental Lords
Spawn Type
Rank Boss
Pushable ?
Pushes ?
Elemental Properties
Physical 99% or less
Earth 20% or less
Fire 0%
Death 80% or less
Energy 80% or less
Holy 100%
Ice 125% or more
Heal 100%
Life Drain 100%
Drown 100%
Immunity Properties
Paralysable ?
Senses Invis. ?
Behavioural Properties
Walks around
Walks through
Other Properties
Version 8.2
July 2, 2008
Status Active
Fire Overlord
You see a Fire Overlord.


    New creature in Summer Update 2008. Do not be frightened to face it. Just run and shoot Sudden Death runes, but do not forget to keep your magic shield on.


    Melee (0-450) Paralyze (ultimate explosion size), Fire Missile (sets you on fire), Flame Beam (invisible) (400-1100).

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    Behaves similar and looks like a Hellfire Fighter.


    Run it and use Sudden Death Runes.


    (Loot Statistics)

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