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Fire Damage and Burning


Property Value
General Properties
Name Fire
Item ID 2118
Classification Fields
Other Properties
Walk Speed
Version 4.0
May 20, 1998
Status Active
You see fire.


Can be found anywhere outside of Protection Zones, but more likely to be found in hot places.


Fire is one of the raw elements that formed when the goddess Tibiasula died and was formed into the world. The Pyromancers, sons and daughters of fire, are Dwarves who worship the fire element.
Stepping on these will burn you causing 20 damage which is then followed by 7 turns of 10 damage each until the burn wears off.
Can be made with a Fire Field Rune. The first stage of fire fields created this way lasts 3:20; the second stage lasts for 2:28; the last stage (that doesn't cause any damage) lasts 1:38. Total time that a fire field will block a monster is 5:48.
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