You see Fiona
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    Edron Ivory Towers, in the southeastern tower, one floor up


    Fiona buys magical ingredients for the Edron academy. She will also buy some items from demon bosses but she will only hint to buying it if you say it while having the item.

    Trade Details


    Basalt Fetish.gifBasalt Fetish210 Gold
    Basalt Figurine.gifBasalt Figurine160 Gold
    Bat Wing.gifBat Wing50 Gold
    Behemoth Claw.gifBehemoth Claw2,000 Gold
    Berserk Potion.gifBerserk Potion500 Gold
    Blazing Bone.gifBlazing Bone610 Gold
    Blood Tincture in a Vial.gifBlood Tincture in a Vial360 Gold
    Bloody Dwarven Beard.gifBloody Dwarven Beard110 Gold
    Bola.gifBola35 Gold
    Bone Fetish.gifBone Fetish150 Gold
    Bonelord Eye.gifBonelord Eye80 Gold
    Bony Tail.gifBony Tail210 Gold
    Brimstone Fangs.gifBrimstone Fangs380 Gold
    Brimstone Shell.gifBrimstone Shell210 Gold
    Broken Throwing Axe.gifBroken Throwing Axe230 Gold
    Bullseye Potion.gifBullseye Potion500 Gold
    Carrion Worm Fang.gifCarrion Worm Fang35 Gold
    Cheese Cutter.gifCheese Cutter50 Gold
    Chicken Feather.gifChicken Feather30 Gold
    Deeptags.gifDeeptags290 Gold
    Demon Dust.gifDemon Dust300 Gold
    Demon Horn.gifDemon Horn1,000 Gold
    Demonic Skeletal Hand.gifDemonic Skeletal Hand80 Gold
    Dragon Claw.gifDragon Claw18,000 Gold
    Dragon Priest's Wandtip.gifDragon Priest's Wandtip175 Gold
    Dragon's Tail.gifDragon's Tail100 Gold
    Draken Sulphur.gifDraken Sulphur550 Gold
    Elder Bonelord Tentacle.gifElder Bonelord Tentacle150 Gold
    Elven Astral Observer.gifElven Astral Observer90 Gold
    Elven Scouting Glass.gifElven Scouting Glass50 Gold
    Enchanted Chicken Wing.gifEnchanted Chicken Wing20,000 Gold
    Fiery Heart.gifFiery Heart375 Gold
    Fish Fin.gifFish Fin150 Gold
    Flask of Warrior's Sweat.gifFlask of Warrior's Sweat10,000 Gold
    Frosty Heart.gifFrosty Heart280 Gold
    Gauze Bandage.gifGauze Bandage90 Gold
    Geomancer's Staff.gifGeomancer's Staff120 Gold
    Giant Eye.gifGiant Eye380 Gold
    Glob of Acid Slime.gifGlob of Acid Slime25 Gold
    Glob of Mercury.gifGlob of Mercury20 Gold
    Glob of Tar.gifGlob of Tar30 Gold
    Green Dragon Scale.gifGreen Dragon Scale100 Gold
    Hardened Bone.gifHardened Bone70 Gold
    Heaven Blossom.gifHeaven Blossom50 Gold
    Hellspawn Tail.gifHellspawn Tail475 Gold
    Hideous Chunk.gifHideous Chunk510 Gold
    Holy Ash.gifHoly Ash160 Gold
    Holy Orchid.gifHoly Orchid90 Gold
    Honeycomb.gifHoneycomb40 Gold
    Humongous Chunk.gifHumongous Chunk540 Gold
    Key to the Drowned Library.gifKey to the Drowned Library330 Gold
    Lizard Scale.gifLizard Scale120 Gold
    Lost Basher's Spike.gifLost Basher's Spike280 Gold
    Lost Bracers.gifLost Bracers140 Gold
    Lost Husher's Staff.gifLost Husher's Staff250 Gold
    Luminous Orb.gifLuminous Orb1,000 Gold
    Mad Froth.gifMad Froth80 Gold
    Magic Sulphur.gifMagic Sulphur8,000 Gold
    Mastermind Potion.gifMastermind Potion500 Gold
    Miraculum.gifMiraculum60 Gold
    Morgaroth's Heart.gifMorgaroth's Heart215,000 Gold
    Mystical Hourglass.gifMystical Hourglass700 Gold
    Nose Ring.gifNose Ring12,000 Gold
    Orshabaal's Brain.gifOrshabaal's Brain212,000 Gold
    Pair of Hellflayer Horns.gifPair of Hellflayer Horns1,300 Gold
    Perfect Behemoth Fang.gifPerfect Behemoth Fang250 Gold
    Red Dragon Scale.gifRed Dragon Scale200 Gold
    Red Hair Dye.gifRed Hair Dye40 Gold
    Scythe Leg.gifScythe Leg450 Gold
    Sea Serpent Scale.gifSea Serpent Scale520 Gold
    Skull Shatterer.gifSkull Shatterer170 Gold
    Small Flask of Eyedrops.gifSmall Flask of Eyedrops95 Gold
    Some Grimeleech Wings.gifSome Grimeleech Wings1,200 Gold
    Spellsinger's Seal.gifSpellsinger's Seal280 Gold
    Spider Silk.gifSpider Silk100 Gold
    Spirit Container.gifSpirit Container40,000 Gold
    Spooky Blue Eye.gifSpooky Blue Eye95 Gold
    Stone Wing.gifStone Wing120 Gold
    Turtle Shell.gifTurtle Shell90 Gold
    Vampire Dust.gifVampire Dust100 Gold
    Vexclaw Talon.gifVexclaw Talon1,100 Gold
    Weaver's Wandtip.gifWeaver's Wandtip250 Gold
    Wimp Tooth Chain.gifWimp Tooth Chain120 Gold
    Wyrm Scale.gifWyrm Scale400 Gold
    Wyvern Talisman.gifWyvern Talisman265 Gold
    1. By saying item name (she only reacts if you have one on you).
    2. By saying (sell/buy) item name.


    This NPC does not sell anything.