Tells you which direction a certain player is, relative to you, and a rough idea of the distance.


If the player's name consists of only one word, you may omit the quotation marks. A players name can be shorted using the ~ symbol, e.g Exiva "Daron Digur" = Exiva Daron~.
Its useful to locate friends during hunts or enemies during wars.
Note that when you are trying to exiva a CipSoft Member you cannot use the ~ symbol.
Since the Summer Update 2007, using the spell on a character who is offline, does not exist on the game world or is ambiguous in using the ~ wildcard, will still consume 20 mana. In other words, casting this spell will always cost mana, working or not. Before March 2015(?) the Find Person spell would not exhaust players if the player was not online or did not exist on the game world; this would allow players to spend a lot of mana in a short time, primarily to contribute to magic level.

Results explanation

When the player you exiva...

  • is 0–4 squares away: [Player] is standing next to you.
  • is 0–4 squares away + on a different floor: [Player] is above/below you.
  • is 5–100 squares away: [Player] is to the [direction].
  • is 5–100 squares away + on a different floor: [Player] is on a higher/lower level to the [direction].
  • is 101–250 squares away: [Player] is far to the [direction].
  • is ≥251 squares away: [Player] is very far to the [direction].

* From Mathias Bynens's article on TibiaMaps.io.

The exiva spell is not working as a circle like most of the people think, it's working in a square like Bendergender proved in this program:
The purple square marks the normal range "... is to the ..."
The red square marks the far range "... is far to the ..."
Everything beyond the red area means the target "... is very far to the..."

Exiva by Bendergender


Before the Summer Update of 2007, if this spell was cast for a person that was offline, it would not consume any mana.

In 2004, the spell find person was very narrowed down and most of the times it would not give any specific heading to where you target was. From 2004 onwards, the spell was revised and it started saying "very far to north" or "far to the north" in order to improve the location.

On the 21st of November 2017, the Find Person spell was changed for Optional PvP game worlds after CipSoft consulted players through a Dev Note. Since then, players can determine which characters are able to find them in a new dialog window in the Tibia Client. News Article on Tibia.com.

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