Tells you which direction the nearest fiendish creature is, relative to you, and a rough idea of the distance.


This spell indicates the direction in a similar way to how Find Person indicates the direction of a character's location. In case there is less than 15 minutes for the fiendish creature to turn back into a regular creature, this spell will also indicate how much time left for this to happen. In case there is no fiendish creature alive at the moment, the following message will be displayed at the bottom of the Game Window:
At the moment there is no fiend with special loot roaming this world.
In this case, another fiendish creature will spawn within the next 5 minutes.

This spell will also indicate the bestiary difficulty category of the monster if the relevant bestiary entry is completed, otherwise it will indicate a difficulty of "unknown"


On December 01, 2021, fiendish creatures were updated to turn into regular monsters after one hour and the spell started stating how many minutes a creature will still remain fiendish if it were to turn into a regular creature in the next 15 minutes.

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