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The C++ Client has filters under the Inventory on the right Sidebar and for the Flash Client filters are always at the top of the Sidebars.

C++ Client


These are actually called Control Buttons in the C++ Client and share space with the General Controls.
The filters, or controls, open a window that displays your:

ButtonSkills - Skills Window where you can look at your character's skills (ctrl+S),

ButtonBattle - Battle Window where you can see and attack creatures and other players (on PvP worlds)(ctrl+B),

ButtonVIP - VIP Window, where you can see if your friends (or enemies...) are logged in and, when they are, send a message to them (ctrl+P).

Flash Client

By default only the first right sidebar is expanded and all windows are open for that sidebar. To open or close any of the windows in the below list just click the corresponding icon. When you have multiple sidebars open you can designate which windows appear in which sidebar. You can also drag any of the windows to another sidebar.


The filters provide a way to open and close the following (from left to right in the image):

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