It's found inside a Torn Out Page.

Field Report V

Clashes with more subterranean forces have become more common and fierce. Indeed the creatures encountered seemed to be part of a larger group. It even has to be assumed that the different species encountered in one form or the other work together. This gives more credit and weight to the initial gnomish warnings about this area. In addition to the species new to us, our forces also clashed with some creatures that were already known from past encounters in the depths of the world. All this strongly hints that the gnomes are right and that this is all orchestrated by what they ominously call 'those below'.
The pressure they put on our forces is growing considerably with each day and there is no telling if it might ever stop. In the contrary, I'd think that the real coordinated attacks are yet to come.
Even with the abundance to ores in this area, I recommend to abandon and seal this area once and for all.

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