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Field Report VII

The attacks of the creatures are massive now. I'm glad we prepared our defences that well and reinforcement came in just in time to save the day. At first it seems the increasingly numerous and frequent waves of enemies swarming our lines would eventually overrun us. These gnomish crystal-resonators they brought with them bought us some precious time by scaring away some of the monsters, bringing their advance in significant disarray. When our troops arrived, they were still at the brink of overrunning us. Only a valorous charge into their midst broke their momentum. With the lack of the enemy's discipline, their ranks were lacking any cohesive formation and our forces could push through to inflict massive damage. Our vanguard managed to identify some individuals that would be called leaders in armies that are more formal. They even cornered one of them and under heavy casualties wounded them severely which forced them to retreat. Sadly the remaining vanguard got cut off from our forces in the fight and was completely wiped out by the enemy forces.

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