It's found inside a Torn Out Page.

Field Report I

Our prospectors claimed another promising mining area in the depths of sector 3DA. The whole area seems promising and rich on various valuable and rare ores. The ores seem highly concentrated and should provide an abundance of resources with relatively little effort.
The prospector's estimations suggest that the ore veins stretch over a wide area so that a permanent mine seems feasible and profitable.
Though we were warned by gnomish sources that the area had an increased activity of hostile forces, we encountered nothing out of the usual yet.
Since we found none of the also mentioned open cave systems yet, it seems possible that the reports were referring to an entirely different area.
I have to emphasise, that it is vital to better coordinate our knowledge for our cooperation to be of any use at all. The gnomes should soon adapt to our sector categorising, a system that served us well in the last thousand years.

Given the favourable situation at hand we will continue to establish an outpost and begin mining operations as soon as possible.
The first crews are expected to arrive within the next week and a provisional base should be up and running by then.