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Additional Information

  • New server as of November 17th, 2009.
  • Fidera most likely comes from the Latin word "Fidelis" which means "Faithful".
  • There are more active level 100+ players than lower leveled players.
  • Portuguese is the main language. Although there are players that may speak English if you ask.
  • Captain Clanton was the first native Fideran to reach Level 100, Conqueror Aoop was second, Archerzinhow was third and Epilcore was fourth.
  • The first Elite Knight to reach level 100 was Conqueror Aoop.
  • The first Elder Druid to reach level 100 was Captain Clanton.
  • The first Royal Paladin to reach level 100 was Archerzinhow.
  • The first Master Sorcerer to reach level 100 was Epilcore.


  • It's an Optional PvP server, so you cannot be killed directly by other players.


  • Houses are very expensive due to a demanding market.
  • Optional PvP world which has the same issues as any other Optional PvP world.


Highest Levels

Golden GobletKrueger679 Elite Knight
Silver GobletFlarek631 Elite Knight
Bronze GobletKtiola612 Master Sorcerer

Best Skills

Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicPalhacin Gastoso117
Rainbow ShieldShieldingDelita Heirall118
Royal CrossbowDistanceMente Sagrada133
The EpiphanySwordLord Dark Side Vascaino125
Hammer of WrathClubGunwi Kormroyan118
Solar AxeAxeAx Cieni123
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistMurderous Hunter91
Fishing RodFishingNext'devil98
Achievement Grade SymbolAchievementsAkarians Demons919


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