A large dungeon below the island Fibula. You will find Dragons and Dragon Lords in the Deeper Fibula Quest area, while lower levels can hunt in the upper area. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the well (here) in the city of Fibula. In the well you might encounter a few Poison Spiders before you get to a door which may require a key depending on the last person to enter.

A graveyard can be found in this dungeon.

When you go into the dungeon and down the stairs, there will be several doors. Be careful, because there may be lured Bonelords or Demon Skeletons at the stairs.

  • To the east is "treasure" which is actually an empty chest (this leads to a room with 2 teleporters, one leads to the Deeper Fibula Quest area, one leads to the exit),
  • To the north is an area full of orcs (nothing else)
  • To the west is a very large area that is good for lower levels to hunt in. It is mostly inhabited by rotworms but used to be inhabited by a Demon Skeleton which was removed in the 7.8 update and replaced with many Carrion Worms.
  • There is nothing to the south-west (you will be teleported here if you go through the teleport in the "treasure" area.
  • To the south is an area that looks like a destroyed city full of Bonelords and skeletons. South-east in that area is the graveyard which has two Demon Skeletons. Beware, sometimes you'll find Demon Skeletons are near the stairs
  • The south-east area is filled with false holes.
Monsters in Upper Fibula Dungeon
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Poison Spider.gif
Poison Spider
222622 (20 Physical Damage, Earth Damage)
257035 Physical Damage
406540 Physical Damage
Carrion Worm.gif
Carrion Worm
7014545 Physical Damage
170260235 (Physical Damage, 45 Fire Damage, 45 Energy Damage, 45 Earth Damage, 50 Death Damage, 45 Life Drain) + 35 Mana Drain + 180 Summons
355030 (17 Physical Damage, 13 Life Drain)
Demon Skeleton.gif
Demon Skeleton
240400235 (185 Physical Damage, 50 Death Damage)

Monsters in Deeper Fibula Dungeon
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
5010045 Physical Damage
Minotaur Archer.gif
Minotaur Archer
65100105 Physical Damage
Minotaur Guard.gif
Minotaur Guard
160185100 Physical Damage
Minotaur Mage.gif
Minotaur Mage
150155228 (40 Physical Damage, 105 Fire Damage, 83 Energy Damage)
7001,000430 (120 Physical Damage, 310 Fire Damage)
Dragon Lord.gif
Dragon Lord
2,1001,900670 (230 Physical Damage, 440 Fire Damage)

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