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About Feyrist

Feyrist is mainly populated by Fae. Rumour has it that it is located north-west of Roshamuul, bordered between high mountains to the southeast and the sea to the other cardinal directions. Deep forests and lush meadows are mixing up on the peninsula, dotted with lakes, brooks, hills, ravines and groves. The coast of Feyrist is partly sandy beaches, partly grassy shores. Feyrist has a temperate to warm climate, which has led to a lush, verdurous vegetation. Rich green pastures with various wild flowers and thick deciduous forests are dominating the peninsula. Most of the Fae live scattered all over the woods, there is just one bigger settlement, consisting of many Fae houses, a magical fountain and a tree that seems to be some kind of temple.

Feyrist arose from the mortals' pleasant dreams. The reclusive magical realm is among the most secret areas of Tibia, characterised by an enchanted environment and pervaded by ancient magic. The Fae's skills of shaping wood and stone as well as their magical talent are their greatest benefits. The woods of Feyrist hold some rare magical plants. However, Feyrist lacks almost all infrastructure, simply because the fae don't have any need for it.

The Fae of Feyrist are forming different courts. Although not all of them belong to a fairy court, many of them do. Usually, the most powerful female fae is the leader of a court. Sometimes she refers to herself as queen. The queen is supported by several knights, male and female alike, who are acting as her personal guards as well as the court's defenders. Within a court there may be disagreements among single members, but overt struggles are rather uncommon. The courts are independent from each other. Conflicts between two courts are seldom.

The Fae are benevolent but also flighty and unpredictable creatures. They are more interested in dancing, making music and playing tricks on each other than in fighting, studying or constructing. Fae like sweets, wine, glittering trinkets, lyrics and music. The highest purpose in a Fae's life is usually to have fun and to live a carefree life. Some Fae are suspicious of strangers and tend to welcome them with avoidance in the best case. They feel foreigners disturb the area's solitude. Lately, however, one of the courts has shown some interest in the mortals, how the Fae call all strangers.

The Fae also have a spiritual side and perform various rites to celebrate the moon cycle and certain weather phenomena. They don't worship gods or greater spirits but nature itself, which they regard as a kind of supreme being. Apart from that, Fae care only for the here and now. Fae possess a distinct talent for the arcane powers and they have highly developed artisanal skills when it comes to shaping wood and stone. It is unclear whether the Fae have to eat in order to survive. However, they obviously enjoy eating sweets and fresh fruit as well as drinking wine. So it can be assumed that they do it just for pleasure.

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