This page is about the Feyrist village, for the hunting information, see Feyrist Meadows.

Feyrist is a peninsula located north-west of Roshamuul with a village on its center. It is mainly populated by Fae. Access to Feyrist is gained through the Threatened Dreams Quest. You can read more about Feyrist in this book.


Feyrist NPCs (25 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Absaan Absaan.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Aurita Aurita.gif Unknown Occupation Feyrist, western beach
Barzak Barzak.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Blubster Blubster.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Boasty Twoeyes Boasty Twoeyes.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Bulltus Bulltus.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Cheesy the Chosen Cheesy the Chosen.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Dancing Fairy Dancing Fairy.gif Unknown. South-west of Feyrist.
Farhilorn of the Winter Court Farhilorn of the Winter Court.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Gerimor Gerimor.gif Druid Feyrist.
Gnomenace Gnomenace.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Izzkl Izzkl.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Kalissa Kalissa.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Maelyrra Maelyrra.gif Clan Leader Feyrist
Mandly Mandly.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Olhan Olhan.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Peaceful Pooka Peaceful Pooka.gif Unknown. East of the south depot.
Shirtalis of the Summer Court Shirtalis of the Summer Court.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Taegen Taegen.gif Artisan
Talila Talila.gif Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper
The Dentist The Dentist.gif Unknown. Dream Scar
Undal Undal.gif Unknown. Court of Winter third floor.
Valindara Valindara.gif Shopkeeper
Jewelry Shopkeeper
Vanys Vanys.gif Unknown. Court of Summer underground.
Yrlin Yrlin.gif Unknown. Dream Scar


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