Festive Points (FP) are points received by winning on minigames during the Orcsoberfest event. Festive Points can be exchanged for various prizes with NPC Xaver, but only when the event is active. The following items can be obtained with FP:

Item Price (FP)
Lots Lots 10
Red Gingerbread Heart Red Gingerbread Heart 500
Green Gingerbread Heart Green Gingerbread Heart 500
Blue Gingerbread Heart Blue Gingerbread Heart 500
Leberkassemmel Leberkassemmel 100
Candy Floss Candy Floss 100
Stockfish Stockfish 140
Unicorn Weisswurst Unicorn Weisswurst 2000
Empty Beer Mug Empty Beer Mug 450
Red Traditional Chair Red Traditional Chair 1100
Red Traditional Table Red Traditional Table 2500
Red Traditional Rack Red Traditional Rack 1800
Red Wooden Candelabra Red Wooden Candelabra 2000
Red Wall Hangings Red Wall Hangings 1200
Green Traditional Chair Green Traditional Chair 1100
Green Traditional Table Green Traditional Table 2500
Green Traditional Rack Green Traditional Rack 1800
Green Wooden Candelabra Green Wooden Candelabra 2000
Green Wall Hangings Green Wall Hangings 1200
Blue Traditional Chair Blue Traditional Chair 1100
Blue Traditional Table Blue Traditional Table 2500
Blue Traditional Rack Blue Traditional Rack 1800
Blue Wooden Candelabra Blue Wooden Candelabra 2000
Blue Wall Hangings Blue Wall Hangings 1200
Beer Barrel Beer Barrel 1300
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