The Fenrock Dragon Lair is the second largest Dragon Lair on Tibia given that it's smaller than the Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair.

The Lair contains mostly Dragon Lords but also some Dragon Lord Hatchlings. It is a great spot to hunt many Dragon Lords at the same time since the respawn is considerably large, which can be done using area spells. Mages frequently hunt here using Sudden Death Runes as well, using Magic Shield at lower levels to be protected from combos.

There are two possible routes to get here. The first one is by walking all the way from the entrance of the island to the Dragon Lair. The second one starts at Beregar and goes from there.

Once at the Dragon Lair's entrance, you'll find the NPC Pythius the Rotten. You must give him one Golden Mug by saying hi, offer, yes, Golden Mug to gain entrance to the Dragon Lair. Note that you need one Golden Mug for every time you enter the dungeon.

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You need to have started The Hidden City of Beregar Quest to be able to access Fenrock, as well as to gain access to Beregar and use the Ore Wagon shortcut.
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Route 1: From Fenrock

Start at the Ore Wagon, here, and follow the map below. A couple of steps are not displayed because you should just go up or down two ramps in a row.

Fenrock Dragon Lair 1

Route 2: From Beregar (Having access to the Wagon shortcut)

Start at the Ore Wagon in Beregar, here, and follow the map below


Hunting level
Dragon Lord Hatchling
Dragon Lord Hatchling
Missing File
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord
Missing File
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