You see Fenech
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  • Offering all sorts of magic equipment.


In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up two levels.


Sells runes, wands, rods and spellbooks.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Spellwand Other Items Other Items299


Item   Value
Avalanche Rune Runes Runes57
Blank Rune Other Items Other Items10
Chameleon Rune Runes Runes210
Convince Creature Rune Runes Runes80
Cure Poison Rune (Item) Runes Runes65
Destroy Field Rune Runes Runes15
Durable Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons945,000
Durable Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons945,000
Energy Field Rune Runes Runes38
Energy Wall Rune Runes Runes85
Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons262,500
Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons262,500
Explosion Rune Runes Runes31
Fire Bomb Rune Runes Runes147
Fire Field Rune Runes Runes28
Fire Wall Rune Runes Runes61
Great Fireball Rune Runes Runes57
Hailstorm Rod Weapons Weapons15,000
Heavy Magic Missile Rune Runes Runes12
Intense Healing Rune (Item) Runes Runes95
Lasting Exercise Rod Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Lasting Exercise Wand Weapons Weapons7,560,000
Light Magic Missile Rune Runes Runes4
Moonlight Rod Weapons Weapons1,000
Necrotic Rod Weapons Weapons5,000
Northwind Rod Weapons Weapons7,500
Poison Field Rune Runes Runes21
Poison Wall Rune Runes Runes52
Snakebite Rod 1Weapons Weapons500
Spellbook Body Equipment Body Equipment150
Springsprout Rod Weapons Weapons18,000
Stalagmite Rune Runes Runes12
Sudden Death Rune Runes Runes135
Terra Rod Weapons Weapons10,000
Ultimate Healing Rune (Item) Runes Runes175
Underworld Rod Weapons Weapons22,000
Wand of Cosmic Energy Weapons Weapons10,000
Wand of Decay Weapons Weapons5,000
Wand of Draconia Weapons Weapons7,500
Wand of Dragonbreath Weapons Weapons1,000
Wand of Inferno Weapons Weapons15,000
Wand of Starstorm Weapons Weapons18,000
Wand of Voodoo Weapons Weapons22,000
Wand of Vortex 1Weapons Weapons500
  • 1 First one is free.


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Player: hi
Fenech: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh and welcome to the magic store.
Player: offer
Fenech: I sell runes, wands, rods and spellbooks.
Player: buy or magic
Fenech: I'm selling runes, wands, rods and spellbooks. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: trade
Fenech: Of course, just browse through my wares. Or do you want to look only at wands or runes?
Player: wands
Fenech: Have a look. You can also look at runes.
Player: runes
Fenech: Have a look. You can also look at wands.
Player: name
Fenech: I am the mourned Fenech.
Player: job
Fenech: I sell runes, wands, rods and spellbooks.
Player: time
Fenech: Buy a watch on the bazar.
Player: tibia
Fenech: I know only Ankrahmun. What else could there be?
Player: carlin or thais or venore or edron or kazordoon or ab'dendriel
Fenech: I don't know any foreign places or races.
Player: darashia
Fenech: Its somewhere in the north as far as I know.
Player: darama
Fenech: This is our land.
Player: scarabs
Fenech: Scarabs are dangerous. Stay away from them like I do.
Player: bye
Fenech: May enlightenment be your path.