The Femor Hills Tower is located among the peaks of the Femor Hills. Before the tower's entrance is a patch of Jungle Grass, enchanted by the druid Minz to cultivate rapidly. Supposedly, the grass will grow by a person's feet and act as a wall, preventing their passage. The druid is rumored to have kidnapped Caramellia and is supposedly using the tower to hold her.

Before the update of a quest involving Carmellia, rumors surrounded the entrance of the tower. One such rumor involved a connection between the tower and the coffins in the room with a Demon Skeleton. Aside from a storyline perspective, this is untrue.

The book found in the cave says nothing of the undead in the cave. It may be that the author was demonized by the druid to become the demon skeleton, or it may be a summon of his.

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The tower was first opened after the Winter Update 2007. It can be entered after completing the Kissing a Pig Quest.

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