Player: hi
Feizuhl: Be mourned pilgrim in flesh and welcome to the furniture store.
Player: offer or buy or furniture
Feizuhl: Well, as you can see, I sell furniture. Ask me for a trade if you're interested to see my wares.
Player: trade
Feizuhl: Have a look. Most furniture comes in handy kits. Just use them in your house to assemble the furniture. Do you want to see only a certain type of furniture?
Player: type
Feizuhl: I have beds, chairs, containers, decoration, flowers, instruments, pillows, pottery, statues, tapestries and tables. Which of those would you like to see?
Player: (any keyword:beds, chairs, containers, decoration, instruments, pillows, pottery, statues, tapestries, tables)
Feizuhl: Here you go.
Player: name
Feizuhl: I'm the mourned Feizuhl, pilgrim.
Player: job
Feizuhl: I sell furniture both to the mourned and the enlightened.
Player: time
Feizuhl: It is 2:12 pm right now.
Player: ankrahmun
Feizuhl: Our city is old. Older even then our beloved pharaoh.
Player: darashia
Feizuhl: If they would only see the light and follow the way of ascension. Thrice mourned be they.
Player: darama
Feizuhl: This is the continent of my birth, my death and also of my ascension, if I learn enough in my mortal days.
Player: pharaoh
Feizuhl: Our pharaoh holds the key to our ascension. Praised be our pharaoh.
Player: akh
Feizuhl: The Akh is our vulnerable, ageing flesh.
Player: rah
Feizuhl: The Rah is our spiritual essence.
Player: uthun
Feizuhl: The Uthun is our memory. Call it personality if you like.
Player: bye
Feizuhl: Good bye.