Investigate a series of portals and travel to the Netherworld and Zarganash to uncover the mysteries of the realm between life and death.


Poltergeist Outfits, Prospectre and Beyonder achievements.

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For this quest you'll have to explore four new dungeons, visit some places around Tibia and of course, and kill some bosses. There are 5 bosses which can be killed with a team of up to 5 players and 3 that must be killed solo. After that you'll have access to the final boss, The Pale Worm, which can be killed with up to 10 players. All bosses have a 20 hours cooldown, including the final one.

Drain the Brain

Ring the Death Knell

Find the NPC Para Norbert north of the Jakundaf Desert and accept his request for help. He will give you a Death Knell that you need to ring in 3 different locations:

Carlin Graveyard, at the entrance. Ghostlands, down a hole south west and then in the room to the west Dark Cathedral, second floor to the east and in the first room up north

Create the potion

You must also create a potion, for which you'll need a regular Skull and a Grave Flower:

  1. You use the Skull Skull on a Wooden Grinder Wooden Grinder to create Bone Meal Bone Meal.
  2. Use the Grave Flower Grave Flower on an Alchemical Apparatus Alchemical Apparatus or on a Distilling Machine Distilling Machine to get Grave Flower Extract Grave Flower Extract.
  3. Use the Bone Meal Bone Meal on the Grave Flower Extract Grave Flower Extract to obtain a Vial with a Skull Cork Vial with a Skull Cork.
  4. Use the vial to drink the potion.

Collect tissue samples

After this, you will have gained access to the invisible portal next to Para Norbert, the Brain Grounds. Go into the portal (looks like sand) and go down 2 floors until you find an area you can't access yet.

Note: Be careful stepping on the yellow ground (Slime Fungus) as it will damage you every once in a while dealing a % of your maximum hp as earth damage, this % increases the further you go down (15%, 20% and 25%).

Report back to Para Norbert. He will assign another task and give you a Scalpel Scalpel and request 20 tissue samples of the ground that deals damage to you, the ulcer. To get the samples, you must walk on the ulcer until you take damage, and right after that, you must use the Scalpel on the tile where a small blister appears. Repeat this 20 times and report back to Para Norbert.

Purify the Lost Souls

Now he will task you with purifying 20 Lost Soul (Item) Lost Souls and give you a Purifier for Lost Souls Purifier for Lost Souls. Loot the Lost Souls from the creatures in the cave and then use them on the Purifier on them to get Purified Soul (Netherworld) Purified Souls.

Note: There is a 25% chance of failure when purifying, therefore you're probably going to need more than 20 Lost Souls.
Note²: You must purify the Lost Souls yourself, but you can take them from other players.

Report back one last time and you can now enter the Brain Head boss fight.

Kill the Brain Head

Battle recommendations:
Use Ice Damage during this fight.
Avoid Energy Icon.gif
Don't use Energy Damage during this fight. It heals the boss.
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.

Note: While on the way to the boss, you can already do the next mission of the quest and create the Burial Shroud. Check the steps below if you want to save some time.

For the boss fight you'll need to kill some of the Cerebellum that are in the boss room before focusing on the Brain Head itself. Killing the north-east one and then the ones around the boss should be enough, so once they are dead you can actually focus on the Brain Head. Prioritize Ice Damage because the boss is very weak to it. Poison Bomb Runes can be used by the team to keep off the Bad Thoughts. Their energy attack on target has a 2-tile radius and will heal the Brain Head if it's in range.

You have 5 minutes to kill the boss, if failed you will be teleported outside the boss room and need to come back in 20 hours to do it again.

Report back to Para Norbert to complete this mission.

Journey to the Netherworld

This mission will be given to you by Para Norbert as soon as you finish Drain the Brain. Make sure to answer yes when he asks for your help again.

Making a Burial Shroud

Tip: To save time, you can already complete this part before accepting the mission, for example while doing the previous missions.

Feaster of Souls - Burial Shroud.png
  1. Go into the Brain Grounds and walk all the way south east, where you will find a Stump Stump, use it to obtain Yarn Yarn.
  2. Now follow the cave all the way north, and around the center, you will find a Ghostly Water pool, use the Yarn on it and the Yarn will become a Glittering Yarn Glittering Yarn.
  3. After that, go down one floor and go all the way south west, where you will find a Loom Loom. Then use the Glittering Yarn on it to obtain a Burial Shroud Burial Shroud.

Ring the Death Knell

Edron Vampire Crypt, third floor at the blood pool. Yalahar's Cemetery Quarter, on the ground floor to the east. Ankrahmun's Shadow Tomb (just east of town), sixth floor to the east.

The Netherworld

Battle recommendations:
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.
Mana Drain Protection Icon.gif
Equip Mana Drain Damage Protection during this fight.
Use Ice Damage during this fight.
Divine Caldera.gif
Use Holy Damage during this fight.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Phyisical Icon.gif
Don't use Physical Damage during this fight.
Avoid Energy Icon.gif
Don't use Energy Damage during this fight.
The entrance to the Netherworld can be found just east of Banuta on the location shown to the right. As the portal to the Brain Grounds, this one is also invisible and only noticeable by the small wall. To enter the Netherworld, first equip the Burial Shroud as your armor and then step on the dirt. You can remove the Burial Shroud once you're inside.
Feaster of Souls Quest - Netherworld.png

In here, you'll have to kill three minibosses: Unaz the Mean, Irgix the Flimsy and Vok the Freakish, and the fights must be completed solo. The bosses are quite strong and can combo up to 2000 HP in one turn. They also have a strong Mana Drain.

  • Knights should use Ice or Fire elemental weapons.
  • Paladins can use Envenomed Arrows for more damage since they are very strong to Physical damage.
  • Druids should use both Earth and Ice waves to attack the bosses while being careful not run out of mana.
  • Sorcerers should use both Fire and Energy waves to attack the bosses while being careful not run out of mana.

For all vocations but Knights, running the bosses over a couple of Fire Walls can be very helpful.

To move around the dungeon, there are some special tiles with a skull mark which work a teleport to the next area. Find the portal to the three minibosses and kill them, making sure to pick up the Skull Coins they drop.

After you're done with the minibosses, return to Para Norbert to deliver the mission and start the next one.

The Thaian

Go talk to Spectulus in the Magic Academy and ask him about The Thaian. Then, go to the forest north of the mountain and find The Thaian's tavern.

Tell him you need something, then say yes twice. Once again, you'll have to ring the Death Knell at three spots.

Ring the Death Knell

Kilmaresh Catacombs, down the hole inside the Water Temple. Under Ramoa, where Cavebears spawn, near the Dragon Skeleton. Under Lion's Rock, just past the entrance to the Sanctum.

When you return, you will also have to deliver the three Skull Coins you looted in the previous mission to The Thaian.

The Eye of the Chasm

Battle recommendations:
Holy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Holy Damage Protection during this fight.
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Use Ice Damage during this fight.

Note: The Prospectors stay at distance but have two strong attacks. First, their energy ball on target seems to hit harder when it hits multiple players, so ideally players shouldn't stand close to each other. Second, these creatures have a parry-like attack that hit very hard, meaning the more creatures you attack (using AoE), more damage you may take. They reflect earth damage, so don't deal earth damage or you will likely die. For this reason it's recommended to kill them one by one when necessary. Mages can use Sudden Death Runes since the creatures are weak to this element.

You can now enter the cave in the mountain just next to The Thaian by using the Small Sapphire on the wall. In here, you'll have to mine (use a Pick or similar secret service tool) the Large Luminescent Crystal Large Luminescent Crystals from the wall to obtain Luminescent Crystal Luminescent Crystals. You can run around the cave using the crystals or just stand in a spot since they respawn rather quickly. You can get either 1, 5 or 10 crystals when you mine them.

Note: Mining crystals will trigger raids of Evil Prospectors. The more crystals are mined, more raids can occur. Thus, if there are many players doing the quest at the same time extra caution must be taken inside the cave.

Once you obtain at least 100 Luminescent Crystals, return directly to The Thaian. Use the shortest path to his tavern you can, if you walk to the south the Crystals will disappear! Deliver the crystals by saying need, yes, yes as before. Now go back into the cave and start mining again. If everything worked out correctly, you should be teleported to a small room after a few tries.

Note: If you get to 50 Crystals without being teleported, deliver them to The Thaian again and resume mining.

In the small room, use the large crystal to receive a Raw Eye of the Chasm.

Be careful: As soon as you use the large crystal, you'll be sent to the area with creatures just south of this room. If there are many players doing this mission (e.g. a full team of 5 players doing it for the first time), there will be lots of Evil Prospectors, which are quite strong. If this happens the team can try to kill at least some of the creatures between the room and the exit to lower the risk. Another option is to simply return in a later moment when there are no Evil Prospectors and then it should be a lot easier.

Go back to The Thaian. Upon greeting him, you'll be automatically sent to the lever room of the boss fight.

Defeat the Thaian


Feaster of Souls Quest - The Thaian

You'll now have to defeat the Thaian in its boss form. Start by killing the Prospectors in the cave. When all of them die, the appearance of the room will change and Thaian's Ghost will appear along with more Prospectors. Kill the Ghost to damage the boss, and then repeat this process until the boss dies.

Note that there is a 10-minute time limit for this boss fight. If your team fails to defeat the Thaian in time, you'll be teleported out of the cave, and you'll have to wait 20 hours before the Thaian will teleport you to the boss room again.

You will receive the Prospectre achievement after defeating the Thaian.

Report back to Spectulus about your discoveries.


The final part of the quest takes place in Vengoth. Find the invisible teleport that gives you access to Zarganash on the location shown to the right.

First you'll have to kill 3 minibosses with teams of up to 5 players. The final boss can be killed with a team of up to 10 players. Use the map below to reach each miniboss and the final battle.

Feaster of Souls Quest - Zarganash.png

The Unwelcome


Feaster of Souls Quest - The Unwelcome

The Unwelcome can barely be damaged directly and uses Lifesteal, thus it should be lured away from the rest of the creatures and the team. Since the room is quite big, you can have the team positioned by the west wall and leave the boss on the east side. Luring the boss will also allow Druids to use Terra Wave since it would otherwise be inadvisable.

Besides the Wormlings that will constantly respawn in the room, the Brother Worm will also appear. This creature must be attacked so The Unwelcome is damaged. The Brother Worm will repeatedly disappear and appear in the center of the room, and you must keep attacking it until the boss dies.

Note: When Wormlings die, they explode dealing 750 Earth Damage in a 2-tile radius. This damage isn't very high but can become dangerous if multiple Wormlings die at once, specially for unwary mages.

The Dread Maiden


Feaster of Souls Quest - The Dread Maiden

Inside the room of The Dread Maiden, you'll also find several colored ghosts: Red Soul Stealer, Green Soul Stealer and Blue Soul Stealer. The ghosts make the boss stronger, so in order to damage it you must get rid of them. To do so, lure each ghost on one of the vortices of its respective color, which will make them disappear. Beware that if a Soul Stealer walks over a vortex of the wrong color it will either deal area damage or heal the boss, so this should be avoided.

Since the Ghosts do not retarget unless forced by the use of Challenge, it's recommended that the blocker quickly lure the boss to the north-east corner of the room and keep it there while the shooters deal with the ghosts. A second Knight or a Paladin can help the main blocker trap the boss so it doesn't move, or Fire Elementals can be used for that purpose.

Keep attacking the boss while dealing with the ghosts. Initially the boss will be immune and then take very low damage, but as the fight progresses it will start taking more damage and the boss should die easily.

The Fear Feaster

This boss is more dangerous than the others, so some extra caution is advised. Along with The Fear Feaster you will also find Horrors (Jesters), Phobias (Tarantulas) and Fears (Blightwalkers) in the boss room. You can start by killing the Phobias, which shouldn't be hard. The Horrors heal each other and the boss, however, they can be managed by the shooters since they attack from distance (mages should be careful though as their damage can be considerable). As long as they aren't targeting the blocker, you don't have to worry about killing them. Finally, the Fear can be blocked along with the boss and shouldn't be a problem.

About 30 seconds into the fight, the team will be teleported to a small room with the Symbol of Fear. The Symbol is an idle totem, however, all players in the room take increasing Death damage over time, so the Symbol must be destroyed quickly to leave this room and return to the main room.

You will have to repeat this a few times until The Fear Feaster is finally killed.

The Pale Worm

After defeating all 3 minibosses you can proceed to the final boss. There is one more challenge, however, which is the labyrinth before the lever room. First of all, to enter the labyrinth you'll need to have 2 Death Toll Death Tolls in your inventory, which are dropped by the Lost Souls and the quest bosses (solo and team ones). The Death Tolls will be consumed upon entering either the green or red vortices.

Your objective is to go though the labyrinth without being kicked back to the entrance, which can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Stepping on Ghost Webs;
  • Suffering the death-bersek of the Empties (Ghosts, no damage is dealt)
  • Walking over the Energy Barriers, which appear and disappear, always on the same locations.

In order to help you through the puzzles, Innocent Souls (white ghosts) will draw the attention of the Empties. Take advantage of this. Beware that if you are sent back to the entrance, you'll have to spend more Death Tolls.

A good strategy is to first send the mages. These players can then summon Demon Skeletons inside the labyrinth. The summons will eventually be targeted by the ghosts and won't die, so the path should become easier to deal with. It's also recommended that all Death Tolls are given to the same player that should go last. This will avoid the problem of someone running out of Death Tolls at the entrance at the same time players who successfully crossed have extra Tolls with them.

Boss battle

Finally, it's time to face The Pale Worm. The greatest danger of this fight is that upon entering the boss room, all players will be affected by Greater Hex, which means your damage dealt and healing received will be reduced, and your total HP will be 40% of your maximum HP. If you have obtained a Soulforged Lantern Soulforged Lantern from the minibosses, it can be used to remove the Hex effect for the entire duration of the fight. The same lantern can be used by multiple players but it has a 20% chance of breaking when being used. Using the Lantern is essential for Knights and Paladins, but not necessary for mages. Unless you have an excess of lanterns, mages shouldn't use them and save them for other players in other attempts.

Inside the room, you'll find The Pale Worm and several Greed Worms. Try to round them up and keep attacking them until the Hunger Worm appears.

Note: Just like during the fight against The Unwelcome, the Greed Worms also deal 750 Earth Damage when they die. This can be even more dangerous here since they are present in large numbers and multiple Worms can die at once.

Kill the big worm and a hole will appear where it dies. All the team should go down immediately, and preferably a Knight or Paladin first. You have approximately 10 seconds before the hole disappears, and if this happens you'll have to stay with the boss and Greed Worms in the main room waiting for the rest of the team.

Inside this other room, you'll find A Weak Spot and more Greed Worms. Attack the Weak Spot, the damage it receives is transmitted to The Pale Worm. Just like during the Fear Feaster battle, the players in this room will receive increasing Death Damage over time. Thus, you should only stay here for 10-15 seconds and them leave through the ramp before the damage is too high (usually it's possible to stay until the damage jumps from 1k to 2k).

Repeat this process as many times as necessary you will defeat The Pale Worm. You have 25 minutes to do that which is a lot more than necessary with a 10 players team.

Upon succeeding you will automatically receive the Poltergeist Outfits. Report back to Para Norbert to complete the quest and receive the Beyonder achievement.


Drain the Brain

Para Norbert: Welcome adventurer! I'm sensing some very unusual distortions in the fabric of reality recently. They are caused by an inactive portal right beside me. ...
Para Norbert: I found a way to activate it. Yet, to keep it open, I have to stay here, focusing on the portal. Thus I need you to go in there and uncover the true story behind those distortions. Can I count on you?
Player: yes
Para Norbert: Thank you very much. In order to pass the invisible portal over there, you have to visit three places that are closely linked to death and afterlife. Sound this knell at each of the sites to infuse your aura with the ghostly energies there. ...
Para Norbert: The places you have to visit are: the cemetery east of Carlin, a sacrificial site beneath the Ghostlands and a skull-adorned altar underneath the Dark Cathedral. ...
Para Norbert: You also have to drink a special potion to pass the portal. Find bone meal and grave flower extract and mix them together to brew this potion. Once you drank the potion you will be able to pass the portal.

Feaster of Souls Quest

Journey to the Netherworld

The Thaian