Fast Hands is a very risky non-official game played at city depots. Two players get aside at the lockers and by turns, they place an item on the counter in the middle of the two players. Both have to drag it to their locker. The faster one wins the item.

Fast Hands

Note: This game is very risky because some players use cheat tools to drag-drop fast. Usually newbie players are scammed with this tricky game. Watch out!

Rule: In general, two people play fasthands when one person challenges the other, at which point (if the challenge is accepted) both players place the item out which they intend to play with. If a player doesn't like the other's item, they mention this before the game begins - waiting until they've lost their item or until the game is underway is usually not accepted, resulting in namecalling and exclamations of "hunted". When a player wins the other's item, they may pocket it unless otherwise indicated before the match begins (ex. if one player passes a crossbow out and you get ahold of it, you may place it in your depot and keep it with no intention of playing with it any further, then continue using another item or the one you still have on top). It is usually assumed that players are playing for keeps, so don't enter a "friendly" game unless both you and the other play have agreed to this beforehand. It's helpful if you make the arrangements in the public chat before an audience.

Bot Tests: Whenever someone is suspected of botting (in other words anyone who plays fasthands), people often throw labels into the middle to see if a player grabs them or not. This is a relatively unfair test due to the fact that most fasthands players are staring at the screen with an itchy "clicking" finger, waiting to yank whatever appears there. The test only seems relevant when timed precisely - the instant after the player in question has grabbed his own item back, a moment before the other player would be able to place their own item in the center. Audience members usually jump to conclusions when labels are grabbed by players, and due to high paranoia the game has become nearly extinct.

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