Farmers are responsible for raising the Pigs, Chickens and other animals that feed the denizens of Tibia, as well as harvesting, grinding, and baking Bread. Therefore, all of them sell food. Most farmers are proud of their profession and the work they do to improve the world, but some of them are ashamed because they cannot find a better job.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Billy Billy.gif Farmer
Rookgaard, premium side of the mill
Donald McRonald Donald McRonald.gif Farmer Thais farm, on Farm Lane.
James James.gif Farmer West part of Stonehome.
Sherry McRonald Sherry McRonald.gif Farmer Thais, on Farm Lane.
Tokel Tokel.gif Farmer Greenshore village.
Wesley Wesley.gif Farmer North-east in the Underground Glooth Factory
Willie Willie.gif Farmer
Rookgaard, free account side of the mill